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  1. BigSquishyPoring

    PC>Bat Scarf Costume

    irrc those come from last year's halloween event and they're untradable
  2. BigSquishyPoring

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    so pro using cart revo as wave clear on ET xD
  3. BigSquishyPoring

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    just sharing some random stuff people have been up to lately xD King of the Hill MvP Arena Yolo ET run Hydra Invasion at HQ
  4. BigSquishyPoring

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

  5. BigSquishyPoring

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Incarnation of Morroc Origins
  6. BigSquishyPoring

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Bumping cause Guild Leader said free 1m per bump
  7. BigSquishyPoring

    S/T>Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Costume, pm me offers.

    lol looks like someone is really blessed by the RNG gods! grats JM!
  8. BigSquishyPoring

    S> White and Black Temptation Costume, fromWave Box,

    i offer 50k + 20 jellopies! hurry before i change my mind
  9. BigSquishyPoring

    On-Line Guild [Social PVM Guild]

    bump for the champs!
  10. BigSquishyPoring

    S> SG Gears

    Bump! Added stuff got sold and added new ones
  11. BigSquishyPoring

    S> SG Gears

    Selling these: Eversong Greaves [Lady Tanee] -sold 2pcs Megingjard - sold Fire Armor [Gloom] +12 Hit +7 Ele Book [KAkAk] kindly pm your offers
  12. BigSquishyPoring

    Rare item from OBB?

    Garm has a wut?!
  13. BigSquishyPoring

    Noob questions regarding parties and EXP

    i see.. thank you for the answer Spharis
  14. Hi, I just want to ask a few questions regarding exp for leveling aprties and leeching parties: 1. Do max leveled characters 99/70 in a party still take a portion of the exp? For example, if im in a leveling party of 3 and someone wants to help us level but he/she is already maxed out, will the exp gained by us still be evenly divided by 3 or by 4? 2. I've heard there's a penalty for being AFK while on a party, how much exp will i be missing out on if im not active? also how long before the penalty starts to kick in? Much thanks in advance!
  15. BigSquishyPoring

    S> +7 Sherwood Bow [TTQs]

    to the top we go!