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  1. Don't think Queen Scaraba card would be game breaking in WoE. Not sure about PvP, but most likely not in WoE. Nobody should rely too much on Flee in WoE anyways. Unless you like to rambo stuff.
  2. It wasn't ordered, dude. It was only a suggestion because we don't have 3rd classes, so it could look a bit misleading to the keen players. Good job though. Your banners are great.
  3. I smell fangirls!! I mean, way to go Cherri! :3!!
  4. Best way is: install it in a new and clean folder. Then copy all the files from that folder and paste them in your tRO folder overwriting everything.
  5. It's RagnarokPatch.exe man.
  6. You should download a client, man. :|
  7. I could see your screen shot just fine, though. Was quite funny btw.
  8. I'm pretty sure you'd get the !noks warning if it was the case.
  9. The end of an event means that we now have free space to fill with another event!
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