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  1. Because Grimtooth is not a physical melee attack.
  2. Hey there, we prefer to not touch the Ragnarok mechanics. Def is like the only real exception and that's just fine for our standards.
  3. Panel is up, welcome to the server.
  4. If you suggest PK maps then that's a no go. We will not force people to join PvP if they are only out for PvM. Not sure what you mean with "stats for characters". Anyway, to answer your question, there are ways to attract people to join PvP.
  5. GM Boreas


    Changed Status to Implemented
  6. GM Boreas


    BG is not blocking the database development. There is web coding and ingame coding, different people are responsible for that. The databases are being worked on, it's simply impossible to tell when they will be up again.
  7. Panel > Password recovery
  8. If you have the Google Pay app on your phone then you can link PayPal and pay with that. Works like a charm as I see plenty of people making use of it. 😊
  9. GM Boreas

    Please fix my Costume

    So much for "I know this is actually a very easy fix". 😕
  10. GM Boreas

    Please fix my Costume

    Tell me the file and line then and we will patch it in.
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