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  1. Adjust and improvement on Pyramids B2

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Adjust and improvement on Pyramids B2

    We have no plans to alter maps or spawnrates right now.
  3. Mickz PvP/WoE Video Collection

    See you soon.
  4. regarding the previous update (month of april)

    Yeah, I get it. Lol Still have it on my list, but not for the next couple of days.
  5. Server dont recognise my last login

    The problem is that nobody else reported this. I honestly wouldn't know what could cause this on our end.
  6. Card win announcement!

    Changed Status to Declined
  7. Card win announcement!

    I am sorry but we have no plans for such announcements as they can get quite spammy.
  8. regarding the previous update (month of april)

    On the panel once I update the database. I have it on my list already.
  9. Slow patching speeds at 5kb/s

    Nope, I am downloading with 3mb/s. So it's not on our end I am afraid.
  10. Very passionate sprite change request regarding Cross Shield!

    Not sure if we can change that even. @GM Seiren
  11. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Seeing as it's not about happy hour for those modes I don't understand why I would add them back with a special mechanic around it. The reason for their removal was already stated, the happy hour has nothing to do with it. That being said, once bg is implemented and has reached a somewhat popular status I wouldn't mind adding those modes back. However, right now they are not in the rotation.