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  1. GM Boreas

    Plagarism NPC

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. The password reset sends you a storage pin as well. That's why.
  3. What to not suggest We've been getting a lot of people suggesting the same things over and over again. Amongst these are a couple of suggestions that just will not happen on the server. Item recoveries, Change of rates, 3rd Classes, Change of skills, Autoloot & Area Pickup, GTB and Maya Purple Card changes Any new topics regarding these subjects will be closed.
  4. That's not really possible as it uses the general drop mechanic.
  5. Nope, otherwise it would be flagged as implemented.
  6. GM Boreas

    Bio4 access

    Changed Status to Declined
  7. GM Boreas

    Bio4 access

    No. But it will remove you from the forum.
  8. If someone adverties a loyal pet and scams you that way then report him. That's against the rules quite obviously. That being said, while a nice idea I don't think we need this.
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