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  1. Gm Boreas icon

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Gm Boreas icon

    I prefer to keep the icon I currently have. :>
  3. Old items lost

    There were no item wipes. What happened is that you gave someone your login details and he jacked all opf your stuff after some time. That's why we never recommend to share your characters with other players.
  4. Account bound costumes

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. Account bound costumes

    Something to look into for sure, no promises tho.
  6. Vanilla, what is it really?

    Hey there, this is a topic about vanilla mode, not woe activity. Just check the guild forum and contact one of the active woe guilds in there. I am sure they can answer your question.
  7. Halloween Event

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. Halloween Event

    Hey there, events open up over time.
  9. Halloween Event Schools

    Changed Status to Pending
  10. Halloween Event Schools

    For the next time.
  11. Make MvP hunting more exciting

    Yeah, I would then argue that it's not really worth to code that tbh.
  12. Seasonal Event | Festival of Witches

    Once he is back you can enjoy the events together again. Isn't that more important than wearing the same outfits anyway.
  13. Seasonal Event | Festival of Witches

    Please use our support board.
  14. Make MvP hunting more exciting

    If you implement that then people would need a way to hide their name. I see players getting spammed because they are the top mvp hunters. I don't think that's a feature we should make publicly available. :<
  15. Seasonal Event | Festival of Witches

    We generally do not advice you to share accounts. The past years have shown that players often run into issues with that, ranging from item stealing to unwanted character deletions. While there is no rule against game account sharing, sharing master accounts is prohibited. You may not use someone's master account to bypass game restrictions. In short: please play from your own master account only.