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  1. Treasure Porings

    Yes, but they despawn after a while and spawn somewhere else.
  2. Hello Boreas. I have a problem on game, can you please send mensage to Uchiha Madara~* when you went online, please? Or asnwer me here. Hope you could help me. Thanks.

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Sorry to jump in, I know you've directed this to Boreas. But maybe you can take a look at this topic and see if you question has already been answered - Technical support topic

  3. Farming Mystic Frozen

    Changed Status to Declined
  4. Farming Mystic Frozen

    We do not intend to make grinding and zeny farming even more attractive.
  5. Talon ro mobile app

    Changed Status to Declined
  6. Talon ro mobile app

    Pretty much, our website, panel and forum is mobile friendly already.
  7. Checking items you vend through forum account

    Changed Status to Implemented
  8. Fun PVP event

    No, we rolled a dice. /sarcasm
  9. Equiment for Ninja class other expanded class is outdated

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. NPC Pet tests, Such as NPC gear / costume

    Changed Status to Declined
  11. NPC Pet tests, Such as NPC gear / costume

    Uhm, that's not really feasible. Just ask someone on main to show you the pet prior to purchasing it.
  12. Soul Linker SQI bonus to let them link themselves

    Changed Status to Declined
  13. Messaging and editing problems?

    This. We have had spammers in the past who would sign up and send pms to other players.
  14. Signature won't change

    That's a bug, working on it.