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  1. Because we don't want throw away guilds for the mere purpose of using the storage.
  2. GM Boreas

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    Changed Status to Declined
  3. GM Boreas

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    This has been disable on purpose because people found a way to abuse it. Not to mention that it puts a lot of stress on the database.
  4. Please send a support ticket in January when the rewards are mailed out.
  5. Eh no, this will get fixed asap. If you gear for it then it's active bug abusing.
  6. GM Boreas

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    I think we are done here.
  7. Changed Status to Declined
  8. Exactly, that's renewal behavior.
  9. Changed Status to Pending
  10. While I understand where you are coming from there is no easy procedure to move characters between accounts. One would have to check for all kinds of things. That being said, once we are done with all the other things on our lists I will look into implementing this in the Reward Guru. However, that won't be this year anymore.
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  12. GM Boreas

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    Everybidy is entitled to his opinion and everybody may freely agree or disagree with it. If you get negative feedback all the time then I suggest reflecting what the cause for that may be. Chances are that it's your attitude.
  13. It is not unfair that old players get to use weapons they obtained years ago. They have been around way longer than you, it's just natural that they gfot to benefit a lot of stuff. Heck, around 10 years ago the SQI quest was basically a joke, people had a very easy time to obtain them. Was that unfair? No, different times, different game. Not to mention that bonuses will get a complete revamp, adding such a NPC at this stage makes no sense. You would simply waste your time and money. Read what I just said, I do not recommend getting bonuses anymore. We will probably disable that system soon anyway to prepare for the revamp. Just give us a couple of weeks and we will sort this all out. Anyway guys, I am all open for feedback and so on, but everything has been said. We will not implement an alternative until the revamp. We prefer to spend our time on that instead. BG will be released in December, afterwards we got plenty of time to work on the SQIs. We want to revamp as many builds as possible, that simply takes time. Closing this for now,
  14. Please stick to the topic, this is about SQIs and not BG or PvP incentives. Thanks!
  15. Thing is that paying zeny was never an option, unless you got a seal service. However, that wasn't opfficially supported by us and doesn't count. In the end you can buy everything with zeny, nothing we can do about that. Doesn't mean we have to encourage players to do it tho. Technically nothing was taken away as people who joined after Iduna never even had a chance to create SQIs. What reasoning? People suggested that we have new players pay 25m zeny before they can pay zeny to craft SQIs. Doesn't make any sense to me to be honest. Why not? It cannot be helped right now. SQIs aren't available until the revamp if you quit over that then that's fine. I would probably do the same. However, I can only work as fast as I can. We all got a job, friends, lives and so on. Just because you threaten us with people quitting doesn't make us work any faster to be honest. I work on the server because I like working on it, if you don't enjoy playing it then you have to move on of course. That's life. Pretty much, yes. That being said, we will focus on the SQI revamp next. There won't be any zeny based entry alternative until then. People just have to wait.
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