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  1. GM Boreas

    Convex Mirror

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Changed Status to Declined
  3. Nah, let's keep the magic of the boxes alive.
  4. GM Boreas

    Regarding aggro

    Changed Status to Declined
  5. GM Boreas

    Regarding aggro

    Would require a recoding of the monster AI, that's not going to happen any time soon if at all. :<
  6. NOt really, the current installer is buggy. I have committed a fix but we need to replace the current ones. For the time being I would simply delete the folder.
  7. GM Boreas

    BG Coin Cap

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. GM Boreas

    BG Coin Cap

    The current coding doesn't allow for this, as such I will have to decline your suggestion for the time being. Rest assured that when we get to another round of BG fixes we will keep this in mind. Thanks!
  9. On eAthena we had a command that would count the players online and the shops. On rAthena we never bothered to implement that again. So the reason why this is "withheld" is simply that as of right now the only way to get this information would be to get into the SQL database itself and to query the shop tables to count the vendors.I am personally not interested in such numbers, as such that's not something I will do. When you log in the login screen should show you the current online count, every player is free to post that here. The amount of shops is probably 1/3 of that if I had to guess. So I am not sure what you even mean with "withheld", we are not hiding our numbers. Otherwise I could simply disable that client feature as well. tl;dr: Server is doing fine for my standards, as long as the people enjoy their time and the server bills are paid I am happy. So should everybody else.
  10. GM Boreas

    Deviling Pet

    Changed Status to Declined
  11. GM Boreas

    Deviling Pet

    The pet is fine as it is.
  12. Yeah maybe, but I know for a fact that we don't have 200 autotraders and 20 players. So that should be fine. 😁
  13. Changed Status to Implemented
  14. We will try to balance every class as much as possible with the SQI revamp. Also, from the top of this page:
  15. Doesn't mean we have to implement it for BG coins.
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