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  1. GM Boreas

    Full Installer Problem

    Try the torrent download, the installer got corrupted most likely.
  2. GM Boreas

    Adding more Vanilla instances

    All for it.
  3. GM Boreas

    Equipment Sprite

    If you want to change the color of a headgear then that's perfectly fine. The rules just for if such changes that give you an advantage over other players, such as gray maps or skill animation edits.
  4. GM Boreas

    Game not working

    What error message do you get upon connecting?
  5. GM Boreas

    Overlapping Mount

    Changed Status to Declined
  6. GM Boreas

    Overlapping Mount

    Not possible I am afraid.
  7. GM Boreas

    Gym pass service

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. GM Boreas

    Gym pass service

    Has been suggested and declined multiple times.
  9. GM Boreas

    Zeny Sink Ideas 2

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. GM Boreas

    Zeny Sink Ideas 2

    Not a fan.
  11. GM Boreas

    Day-night change at server

    Changed Status to Implemented
  12. GM Boreas

    Day-night change at server

    The client is closed source, we cannot change this. However, we will look into the brightness of the snow maps.
  13. GM Boreas

    Donation via Paypal

    Because we had an insane chargeback rate on Paypal. Not gonna offer that again. You can get prepaid credit cards in Germany even without any income, those work for instance.
  14. GM Boreas

    BG Peeps

    Changed Status to Implemented