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  1. Exp sharing idea

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Exp sharing idea

    We have no plans to make leeching easier.
  3. Donation - Can I use a Visa Gift Card?

    It is probably not supported. Prepaid cards work, but not the gift cards you can buy in Walmart stores for instance.
  4. Monthly costume Box

    Changed Status to Declined
  5. Monthly costume Box

    Lewt's not take away the surprise.
  6. About Pet

    Changed Status to Declined
  7. About Pet

    Ah sorry, I clicked the wrong option. I meant to decline this of course. The pet bonuses are good enough. The reaosn why people don't use them for high-end instances is probably that they don't want to risk their loyal bonus. I snaked around in-game earlier and saw lots of people with pets running around.
  8. About Pet

    Why would people use pets for exp bonus in the high-end area? Makes no sense to me.
  9. Donation

    You are welcome!
  10. Zahlungsmethoden

    Prepaid Kreditkarte würde mir da als erstes einfallen. Die lädt man auf und benutzt sie wie eine normale Kreditkarte mit Guthaben.
  11. Ring [0] to be included in Reward Guru

    Changed Status to Declined
  12. Ring [0] to be included in Reward Guru

    We prefer to not have every item in the Reward Guru shops.
  13. Low Server Rate

    The voting goal incrases whenever it's reached. At some point it must decrease again. That's how the system has been working for the past years. We have had a few times where we hit 5x already.
  14. I got problem

    Your anti-virus is deleting the file. Which program are you using?