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  1. Changed Status to Pending
  2. Doesn't the item description tell you the location?
  3. Changed Status to Declined
  4. Awesome idea, but we cannot modify the client like that because it's closed source.
  5. Changed Status to Pending
  6. I wouldn't mind working on such a NPC, however, it will charge you a shit amount of zeny most likely.
  7. Yeah, that's a big maybe right there. The mod is still crashing the server and I am tired of it. Might just delay it again to get it off my head for now. If you spend three hours a day on something that does not work you feel like freaking out.
  8. I must say that I spent a whole day on this and the client still borks around. I am not sure if I can recommend dgVoodoo at this point. Use at your own risk for sure.
  9. Changed Status to Pending
  10. Not a bad idea, I will throw it on my list.
  11. Changed Status to Declined
  12. So we turn mining into a laser game?! On a more serious note, no. Just no. As in, I don't like the idea, nor the concept.
  13. Same.
  14. Changed Status to Declined
  15. I am sorry, but if we remove the 15 minutes penalty then someone will just suggest to a dd it back. There are pros and cons for this cooldown and right now we want to keep it the way it is.