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  1. simply an asshole that doesn't wish to resolve or assist in anyway except call you 'bogus' or lock your support tickets real winner here everyone #1 server right here winning people over by handing out perma bans like gifts for practically no reason ;)

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      In your last ticket you said it was your last attempt, so is this posting your very last attempt or? You call other people "assholes" and wonder why you are banned? 😕

  2. Please send a support ticket in January when the rewards are mailed out.
  3. Hi GM, i think i was banned before for having multiple master accounts, which i wasnt aware of. I checked again today and I think I am no longer banned. Can you please make sure I will no longer get banned please.

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      Send a support ticket. 

  4. We will not stop Summer Race for this event, that's what I can tell. If it happens to be on and multiple players (not just four or five) report such issues then a slot can just be postponed I guess.
  5. Sorry mate i did some searching before the suggestion i made and didnt find anything maybe i used wrong key words but thanks for clearing it up. Have a good day mate

  6. I'm planning a Euro trip sometime soon, bro. Would love to visit you on my stops in Germany. Let me know if you're down and we'll hang out for a few days while I'm there! Or... you can even go with me. The trip starts in England, and we'll use the train most likely to cross borders.

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      While certainly a nice offer I will have to pass on that. :)

  7. Dear GM Boreas,


    I need help here.

    I have exact 30 cards but why the npc just refused me and said i dont have exact 30 cards?

    You can see my screenshot on attachment.


    Thank you.






    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      7+3+7+1+5+3+1+1+1+2 = 31

    2. stiv


      Okay sorry my bad.

      It just me sucks at math :(


      Thank you anyway for helping :)


  8. i downloaded the full client as you told me

    but it does not run


  9. Just to clarify: we will send the rewards this weekend most likely. If you forgot to put your name then do not panic, you will be contacted.
  10. You don't have to do anything until we announce that the rewards have been sent.
  11. That's fine, names are not case sensitive.
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