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  1. Implementations on bonus bundle!!!!

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Implementations on bonus bundle!!!!

    I am sorry but we have no plans to extend the bonus bundle with skills.
  3. Voting Browser Extension

    Changed Status to Implemented
  4. Voting Browser Extension

    I will flag this as implemented then.
  5. i downloaded the full client as you told me

    but it does not run



    In that case you will need the full installer.
  7. log in

    Hey there, please submit a support ticket. https://panel.talonro.com/support/
  8. Key remapping

    As long as the program is not automatically clicking a button I don't see what's wrong with that. It's not directly influencing the game after all.
  9. bald hairstyle for female sprite

    When I ran a quick SQL query earlier it returned that all styles are currently being used.
  10. "Potless" pvp map

    A Champ can easily snap towards the NPC and get healed. How would we prevent that? A healing NPC doesn't make much sense imo. You can always bring a Vitata card or ask someone for a heal if you cannot get yourself to full HP again.
  11. Make MvP hunting more exciting

    Hey there, I still think this reward system would even widen the gap between rich players and those who do not have the time or items to join. As for blocking, yes, but people cna change characters and so on. This would put more stresss on the GMs as they'd have to monitor it. Not up for it, sorry.
  12. After death popup removal

    Changed Status to Pending
  13. After death popup removal

    Good morning, our client is hard-coded and does currently not support such a modification. However, I am putting this on pending as it's pretty good idea.
  14. Gunslinger specific gear

    Changed Status to Pending
  15. bald hairstyle for female sprite

    @GM Seiren possible?