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  1. Just sit down with your character. This will be fixed with Iduna anyway.
  2. Changed Status to Implemented
  3. We are busy with Iduna, exactly. Until then no suggestions will be processed. That being said, Phoenix is working on new weapons for Gunslingers anyway. I am sure they will find their way into rentals. Flagging this as implemented therefor.
  4. GM Boreas

    Name of Champions

    "or anything that sounds cool" is a bit too vague. Lol
  5. GM Boreas

    Name of Champions

    Nope, suggestions is perfectly fine for that.
  6. Reason: we decided to change it. Its probably in some patch notes, we never meant this to be a secret and I am pretty sure everybody knows about it. You can use mvp trackers, I don't care.
  7. Yes, because you did not sign up for the beta.
  8. GM Boreas

    BG team choose

    I wouldn't mind such a mode without rewards. That's about it tho.
  9. https://panel.talonro.com/management/#recovery
  10. GM Boreas

    BG coins

    Been thhere, seen it. People can get very creative when it comes to cheating. Not to mention thatw e don't want cheaters to get any zeny from their actions, so that "it's only 2m/hour" argument is bogus.
  11. GM Boreas

    BG coins

    Changed Status to Declined
  12. GM Boreas

    BG coins

    The difference is that you can easily cheat on BG by taking turns. So no, sorry.
  13. Changed Status to Declined
  14. You get to register 10 game accounts, which in total makes 120 characters. I'd say that's plenty.
  15. And then you sit all alone in your castle.
  16. Changed Status to Declined
  17. We tried this in the past, the top guilds just split up and defended multiple castles. Whatever the solution to make WoE great aghain is, this didn't work.
  18. Because that's how TalonRO works. We came from another server and had to stick to the original mechanics somewhat. For the rest we simply tried to balance what Gravity gives us more or less. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. So ya, that's as much as I can say about that.
  19. Changed Status to Declined
  20. Can easily be manipulated to fake prices.
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