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  1. GM Boreas

    SN Link Equip

    If SN is the only class you are playing and you need the SQI revamp for it then yes, that's your only choice right now.
  2. I wouldn't consider 1vs1 "Battlegrounds" anymore.
  3. The old system didn't work, that's why we changed it. The idea is to have an active cmmunity, not some zombie voters who only log in once a year. Mission accomplished.
  4. We will add an icon. Out of those requests only 2) is possible tho.
  5. GM Boreas

    SN Link Equip

    Changed Status to Declined
  6. GM Boreas

    SN Link Equip

    We will not intentionally break this. If you are not linked then you will lose the equip. I don't see what's wrong with that. Same goes for login / logout. We can simply fix SNs with the upcoming SQI revamp.
  7. Changed Status to Declined
  8. Not true according to our analytics. Voting sites brought us a lot of bnots, that's it. We have no plans to bring the voting system back as most people cheated on it by not completing the captchas anyway.
  9. I will ask Seiren to clarify the process on the checkout page, including the name of our payment processor as well as a link to their site.
  10. Our payment processor is Stripe and we are not saving any credit card numbers or details in our database. You enter your details into a form, it is sent to Stripe securely and they take care of the rest. All that's saved is the amount you paid, the package you bought and the details attached to your forum account. Such as the email address. That's it. We are not asking for any private details nor do we store them. Never have in the past years, never will. Same goes for your credit card details. We have been around for over 10 years, never has anybody complained about our donation method being unsafe.
  11. Why would PayPal be more secure than credit cards? Our payment processor is one of the largest and we have used that for the past three years already. PayPal is a private company and they can do with your account whatever they want, unlike banks. That being said, no, we do not have plans to offer PayPal as we consider them to be unsecure. Cheers!
  12. Changed Status to Declined
  13. And I am sure he'd still love to be paid for it. That being said, not right now.
  14. Uhm, we mostly add existing costumes. Where would we get the sprite for this?
  15. Changed Status to Declined
  16. GM Boreas

    Mercenary loyalty

    I only understand half of your suggestion. What do you mean with "also make loyalty points cover swordman, spear, archer"?
  17. Changed Status to Declined
  18. That's currently not possible, I like the idea tho. Maybe in the future, who knows.
  19. Would you mind adding some punctuation marks to your post? I don't expect anybody to speak perfect English, but if you want anybody to comment on this then you might want to spend more than 10 seconds on your post and not just shit something into the forum. Thanks.
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