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    Supplies GMC/ET [] Creator

    ============================================== TALONRO BIO GUIDE SUPPLY (ET/GMC) ============================================== INVENTORY: - 250 ADs - 15 Glistening Coats - 300 Grape Juices - 5 dex_dish05 - 5 int_dish05 - 10 Green Potions - 5 Yggleaves - 50 White Potions - 5 Berserk Potions CART: - 250 ADs - 15 Glistening Coats - 2300 Meats - 2300 Grape Juices - 50 Green Potions - 20 Yggleaves - 20 Awakening Potions - 30 Blue, Yellow Gem ============================================== NOTE: i don't use Slim pots co'z i use Potion Pitch for Pally only, HP can do Sanc's anyway
  2. -BoomBoom

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    hi guyz. thanks for accepting me yesterday. this guild is cool
  3. -BoomBoom

    Weapon Against Sleepers

    heres my LK guide for farming sleeper (1-HIT BB) EQUIPS: Head Gear: Kaho, Pirate Dagger Weapon: Naght Seiger Red (SG, SG, SG) Acce: 1 Celeb Ring, 1 Teleclip STAT: STR - 130 total DEX - 90 total AGI - rest other equips are for your defense only so i will not put it here. its up to you. Note: Concentration Skill is a must to 1-HIT sleeper, no need for aura BEST PART: no need for priest buff, no need for fire endo, just tele and kill
  4. -BoomBoom

    Notorious X

  5. -BoomBoom

    Notorious X

    Endless Tower Run
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    Notorious X

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    Notorious X

  8. -BoomBoom

    Notorious X

  9. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    GAMEPRO WAVE CHALLENGE (Special thanks to) TagaGamot Hypocrite Priest Ecos Castiel08 Huewiz -Houyi- -Asterisk
  10. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    GAMEPRO HUNTING BOARD QUEST (Special thanks to) EnNhi Priceless Princess -Asterisk
  11. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    GAMEPRO DEAD BRANCH RAID (Special thanks to) Sharpris EnNhi Zero Circuit Long Range Attacker 8Maximo Bruno8 Priceless Princess Fei-Ling -Asterisk-
  12. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    GAMEPRO HUNTING BOARD QUEST (Special thanks to) Priceless Princess MaviOpao -Asterisk rein04 Sharpris ragnar1 EnNhi
  13. -BoomBoom

    GamePro Guild [PvM / Social]

    GAMEPRO ENDLESS TOWER (Special thanks to) -Asterisk TagaGamot ~ZoRo~ Jr Priceless Princess GCsniper MivKing *KiKi~Chong* ~~Andrea~~ Akai Tatsumaki Aqua Pristine N0kia 3310