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  1. -Snoopy

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    Just an addition: Rainbow Scarf/Cold Breath for low headgear and Agav Card for armor. You can 1 skill-KO with those without using +5 int food which is cheaper in a long run. (i called it 1 skill-KO coz lv10 firebolt is 10hits lol) Thanks to [SN]Pride himself for teaching me all about SN's. 😉
  2. -Snoopy

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    SUPER NOVCE for starters. ez to level, ez to farm, ez to get items. Acolyte? Nah! You have heal and buff. Mage? Nah! Spam Bolts. Archer? Nah! Bolts are free. No need for arrows. Merchant? Ehh? Nah! You can vend too. Thief? Nah! You have high flee and can steal too. Swordsman? Welp thats a different story lol. All you need is here.
  3. -Snoopy

    Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: 08-28-2018 2. Name of leechers: Duo Werpa (Invoker and Lady Venus) 3. Price and Duration: 6m, 1hour 4. Map of Leech: Thor Dun 3 5. Experience Gained: Lv60 to Lv95 (35 levels) Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5/5. Super Friendly. 7. Professionalism: 5/5. Definitely knows what they are doing, also lends you exp gears and exp food 8. Effectiveness: 5/5. Very effective and FAST. General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leechers to others?: a big YES! 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Yes! 11. Additional comments: The best duo leechers. The HW is with me in a party while the HP is supporting the HW. Very unique and trusted duo leechers with fast exp.
  4. -Snoopy

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Hello guys im currently growing a lif, i have loyal vani for 3yrs and decided to change into lif lol. So heres my insight on what stat should i expect before deleting it. Lv99, Matk 650+, Flee 190+
  5. -Snoopy

    ⚡The Elements ⚡ PvP/BG guild - Now Recruiting!

    Ohhh ima send my application. And im already on your discord i think haha... Thanks
  6. -Snoopy

    ⚡The Elements ⚡ PvP/BG guild - Now Recruiting!

    Hello. Element guild still recruiting? 😁😁
  7. -Snoopy

    Supplies GMC/ET [] Creator

    ======================================== TALONRO BIO GUIDE SUPPLY (ET/GMC) ======================================== INVENTORY: - 250 ADs - 15 Glistening Coats - 300 Grape Juices - 10 Green Potions - 5 Ygg Leaf - 5 Awakening Potion - 50 Fly Wings CART: - 250 ADs - 15 Glistening Coats - 2300 Meats - 2300 Grape Juices - 50 Green Potions - 50 Ygg Leaf - 20 Awakening Potions - 30 Blue, Yellow Gem ========================================