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  1. ahakftw

    And the lucky number is... [Week 4]

    13 IGN: Steal
  2. ahakftw

    And the lucky number is... [Week 3]

    13 IGN: Steal
  3. ahakftw

    Buying champ gears

    all done closed!
  4. ahakftw

    Buying champ gears

  5. ahakftw

    Buying champ gears

  6. ahakftw

    Buying champ gears

  7. ahakftw

    Buying champ gears

    BUYING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: +7 - +10 Luna Kaleet AkAkAk = OFFER BOUGHT +7 Stone Buckler Alice = 15M BOUGHT Proxy Deviling = 45M BOUGHT Sleipnir Eddga = 96M BOUGHT Magical Booster [0] = 3M BOUGHT Please leave msg here or mail/PM me in game for faster transaction. Usually online 4:00 - 6:00 and 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time. IGN: Steal Thank you!
  8. ahakftw

    Selling My Stuff

    i'll take 2 sets of Plates. msg or mail me in game: Steal usually online 20:00 up to 23:00 server time
  9. ahakftw

    S>Random Gears

    how much for your Bris Clean?
  10. ahakftw

    S>Random Gears (Mostly PvP Vanilla Gears)

    170M Old Valk Gryphon
  11. ahakftw

    T>Artemis AkAkAk to your...

    Trading Artemis AkAkAk + 40M to your Artemis TTT or Sherwood TTTh or TTT PM ME interested! or mail me in game: NameExist Thanks!
  12. ahakftw

    B>Sherwood, Artemis

    Buying the following items: Sherwood Bow TTTh / DTTh = 250M / 240M Artemis Bow Clean / AkAkAk / TTT = 190M / 210M / 250M bought Dragon Vest Dex+3 Clean / Bathory = 25M / 30M Transparent Plate = 2M per full set PM me here or msg me in game: NameExist Thank you!
  13. ahakftw

    B>Stalker Gears

    Up! Thanks