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  1. Buying champ gears

    all done closed!
  2. Buying champ gears

  3. Buying champ gears

  4. Buying champ gears

  5. Buying champ gears

    BUYING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: +7 - +10 Luna Kaleet AkAkAk = OFFER BOUGHT +7 Stone Buckler Alice = 15M BOUGHT Proxy Deviling = 45M BOUGHT Sleipnir Eddga = 96M BOUGHT Magical Booster [0] = 3M BOUGHT Please leave msg here or mail/PM me in game for faster transaction. Usually online 4:00 - 6:00 and 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time. IGN: Steal Thank you!
  6. Selling My Stuff

    i'll take 2 sets of Plates. msg or mail me in game: Steal usually online 20:00 up to 23:00 server time
  7. S>Random Gears

    how much for your Bris Clean?
  8. S>Random Gears (Mostly PvP Vanilla Gears)

    170M Old Valk Gryphon
  9. T>Artemis AkAkAk to your...

    Trading Artemis AkAkAk + 40M to your Artemis TTT or Sherwood TTTh or TTT PM ME interested! or mail me in game: NameExist Thanks!
  10. B>Sherwood, Artemis

    Buying the following items: Sherwood Bow TTTh / DTTh = 250M / 240M Artemis Bow Clean / AkAkAk / TTT = 190M / 210M / 250M bought Dragon Vest Dex+3 Clean / Bathory = 25M / 30M Transparent Plate = 2M per full set PM me here or msg me in game: NameExist Thank you!
  11. S>Random Gears (Mostly PvP Vanilla Gears)

  12. B>Stalker Gears

    Up! Thanks
  13. B>Stalker Gears

    Up please! Thanks!
  14. Sniper Gears

    sold all.. please close.. Thanks!
  15. Sniper Gears