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  1. ~Puzzle~

    B>Wolfheiden pm me!

  2. ~Puzzle~

    B>Wolfheiden pm me!

    B>Wolfheiden pm me!
  3. B>Golden Thief Bug card or Thorn Sild [Golden Thief Bug]
  4. ~Puzzle~

    B>Evil merchant hat+7 vanberk or clean

    B>Evil merchant hat+7 vanberk or clean
  5. hi!

    Wat gears u recomend for abyss lake 3 for WS?


    1. Jailbroken


      Try to check here around 1:40 i showed my gears thou mine are overupgraded, you can use basic gears so that youll have idea. 

      P.s. check also comments below for more info :)

  6. ~Puzzle~

    B>Mjolnir clean

    B>Mjolnir [DBKiel] or just clean Mjolnir [3] PM ME!
  7. ~Puzzle~

    B>Mjolnir [DBKiel]

    B>Mjolnir [DBKiel] PM ME!
  8. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    OK thanks!
  9. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    I thought that forum account attached to 1 game account XD I can create new account and vote from this forum account?)) And points will be transferred to the new game account?=)
  10. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    Not as easy as I thought... thanks for the help
  11. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    I meant in game login pass
  12. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    I want a new login,password and email
  13. ~Puzzle~

    Vote For Points to GM

    Do NOT try to cheat the system. This includes voting from multiple accounts, using proxy servers or avoiding the cooldown in any way. This means that you are only allowed to vote one time per person, even if you have different internet connections available. If you fraud these, you WILL be caught and all your accounts will be permanently banned. Please be also aware that constantly voting without entering the captchas on the topsites will lead to your forum account losing its voting privileges. If i change my main account and start vote from different account (my new main) i will get banned? p.s i gonna vote ONLY from 1 account
  14. ~Puzzle~

    Онлайн на сервере

    Что-то не нравится? Ищи другой сервер!