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  1. B> Dragon Vest [Bathory Card or clean] With 6/12 flee Mail me in the game: ZenRy (or pm)
  2. I demand u tRO make a Cowboy hat-Costume! Who whit me!?
  3. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XDiEsKwoNAEMKEw6FTZcKRbXzCkMKFG8K3w67Dvm7CncOJw5gDEnwMw55eRxBywoN8RRdFK8KFNBLCqMOlRSUNwoJUw4Y3w60DwrPCtsKUMDzCuH0MUnDDnWpLw5TCuEw+wrnDkXfDmwzDuS4BO8Ojw44lwpPDpX7DpsOvwpsfwqLCvXoNGsO5wqsD How is my build? Weapons?
  4. hi!

    Wat gears u recomend for abyss lake 3 for WS?


    1. Jailbroken


      Try to check here around 1:40 i showed my gears thou mine are overupgraded, you can use basic gears so that youll have idea. 

      P.s. check also comments below for more info :)

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