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  1. You can add a title system or how do you call it that adds "stats" if your character met an amount of kills that levels up or if you don't want to add this on a custom map an alternative map, you can add this on BG and Woe. For example lvl 1 title require a total of 10 kills - total 3 hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen lvl 2 title kills 100 - total 6 hp hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen lvl 3 title kills 1000 - total 10 hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen lvl 4 title kills 2000 - total 20 hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen, 1 hit rate, 1 flee lvl 5 title kills 3000 - total xx hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen, 2 hit rate, 2 flee lvl 6 title kills 5000 -total xx hp/mp, xx hp/mp regen, 3 hit rate, 3 flee, + 20 weight limit increase effectiveness of healing items, aspd and so on... Every level the total kills increased and add more stats. I chose these stats bcos I think these wont greatly broke the balance and make particular character OP This is just an idea you can add these kind of mechanics on BG or Woe.
  2. Are unres BG and Woe active? Since I always asking if farming for endgame items matters if I couldnt use it later.
  3. wait? you can transfer BG weap on other characters or characters from other account?
  4. +10 MG doppel 3x, phreeoni 1x = 70m +10 MG TGTG SWSW
  5. how can I make my filir auto buff its skill fleet move and over speed and set it to lvl 1? I've already changed the oldhomun type to filir and skill class to homun s skills. What am I missing?
  6. I happen to talk to players and most of them dont go pvp. They kinda play the game for pvm, getting rich and quit then go back again bcos of the nostalgia. This sounds selfish to suggest but this server mostly have custom features right? so why not experiment look for ways to attrack people to go pvp? From the games I went the pvp have some sort of reward to character like stats and the resources are only drop on particular pvp map thats why ppl go there hunt. This is where interesting stuff start. If this thing didnt work you can remove it since its just an experiment. I am looking at ppl on pvp room all they do is randomly target ppl sitting there and chat. There are no purpose ryt?
  7. I tried Mirai and its no longer working it says lua error something and freeze the client, I tried the rest of the ai's on talonro wiki and all of their links no longer available. Is there working ai today? Will you please give me the link.
  8. Any new contents for PvP?
  9. bump Do you still have the item? how much do you sell it?
  10. I saw the other day someone selling for 80m.
  11. subcesso

    Is it possible?

    May I know if you have any plans on implementing title system that gives HP/SP, HP/SP recovery and weight limit in WOE & BG PvP?
  12. subcesso

    Is it possible?

    That's the purpose of title system, there's the objective to kill ppl besides showing your skills. As if the HP/SP, recover and wgt lmt. can destroy the game.
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