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    1. Date of leech: 11/1/2018 (recent) 2. Name of leecher: kuroky007 3. Price and Duration: 8m, took an hour and a half 4. Map of Leech: Odin3 5. Experience Gained: 80-99 NT 5a. Experience Details: server was at x7 exp. rate, at the time of the leech. 6. Friendliness: 4.75/5 – Very Friendly Leecher. 7. Professionalism: Yes, The guy really knows what he’s doing, he’s what you can call…a “Pro”. 8. Effectiveness: He clears REALLY fast, I kinda envy his gears… 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Without a doubt, Yes. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: A big YES, saved me so much time. It is money (zeny) well spent! 11. Additional comments: This is actually my 4th leeching service from kuroky, the guy is a very pleasant man to deal with. A very friendly individual who is nice enough to give advices/tips on stuff I didn’t quite understand about the game , I would definitely recommend this leecher to anybody who wants a quick/efficient leeching service. Props to you, man!