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    Biweekly Screenshot Event #49

    ING: Stawk Suddenly waterfalls everywhere!
  2. Stawk

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #15

    IGN: Stawk This was some epic Deathdice Aftermath
  3. Stawk

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #14

    IGN: Stawk Sailing away And whaling away!
  4. Stawk

    We <3 TalonRO Promotion Event!

    Ign: Stawk I'm livestreaming in HD at http://justin.tv/dkstoke whenever im playing (atleast from my house), with a link to the site below the steam, and a logo with a link on screen as promotion Theres also a welcome message in the chatbox with a link to the site and also in the stream title. Streaming times will usually be around 18:00 to 24:00 europian time, and longer in weekends. All of the broadcasts are also saved so people can rewatch them if they want. heres a screenshot of how it looks So basicly im promoting everyday and with over 3000 followers and over 1500000 views there might be alot of people who want to try out TalonRO \o/ It might also be fun for people already on the server, they could mess around on the stream if im afk somewhere or something.. if they're bored or something I enjoy streaming anyway but of course promoting the server with it seemed like a good idea, and I could use the prizes of course since my gear sucks XD but however I'd like to see some more people join the server anyway since the more the marrier. I'll be streaming like this even after the contest aswell since we can always use more people \o/