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  1. Tio

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    You guys realize sunday and wednesday have completely different timeslots, right? Almost 30% of the people in Spring have nothing to do with Winter, I believe. And the leadership is completely different. I myself don't feel inclined to play on sunday anymore due to real life commitment, and I believe it is the same for some of the leaders in Winter. And seeing people inciting drama kills the mood even more, for me at least.
  2. Tio


    Pet master, go right from prontera fountain to find him.
  3. Tio

    PVP improvement

    Even if the bots only have default AI, they would be good enough to disrupt tea party. Mobs also can be used to your advantage, like pushing to others, hiding behind one, etc. This might add a new dimension to pvp. Personally though I still wouldn't bother.
  4. Rise from the dead, long-forgotten thread! Updated the pictures as requested.
  5. Tio

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    Somewhat. I joined but you were nowhere to be seen D:<
  6. Tio

    Expanded whosell panel

    Since the forum update, searching through tRO itemdb/whosell panel is limited to 250 items at max. For itemdb panel, this is okay because there is pretty much no keywords which needs more than 250 items as the result, but for whosell this issue is very clear when shopsearching all the shop in a town (ie, prontera) and it only shows 250 items. Considering max vended items are 12, 250/12 means roughly only 22 out of 100+ vending shop in prontera is shown in the whosell panel. Is it possible to expand the shown result?
  7. Tio

    Orange Potion Brewing

    fyi http://irowiki.org/classic/Potion_Ingredients
  8. Tio

    Crash on feeding evolved pet

    Fixed. I thought evolved pets ate pet food, forgot they ate juicy mango. It seems the crash happens when I try to feed savage without juicy mango in the inventory.
  9. I recently evolved my savage babe pet into a savage pet, but I can't feed it because it'll always crash the client. Client is all patched. Any ideas? Crashlog here: https://pastebin.com/deUjFN3k
  10. Tio

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    I wish! I'm still having trouble connecting my ISP to tro =(
  11. Tio

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    Hullo from the grave o/
  12. Tio

    newbie questions about star gladiator

    1. no, you can use warmth any day, comfort is only usable on their respective days though 2. no, you can get miracle anytime, including in non feeling maps 3. any warmth doesnt stack and can hit any mobs regardless of size, its just they are only castable on your respective feeling maps 4. ^ 5. build your own stat tbh, different gearset requires different build (ie tanee vs dl, bk vs di vs vanberk, def+4 vs str+3 vs hit+12 etc)
  13. 1. jupitel thunder, check your skill tree - the damage is based on your int so you should up int, you can reset stat/skill later its basically made to teach newbies that mage class exist too 2. no more adventurer suit, im pretty sure that is the reward for completing class-picking-survey 3. i dont really know the details about this since i hardly bother with them, but they changed a lot of exp quests - you can assume it is done on purpose
  14. Tio

    is this worth playing?

    1. some would say its p2w merely for the reason donation exist, but i'd say its not p2w because there is nothing exclusive for donator - took me a year to amass what's worth of $500 donation tho - all the while experiencing the game, so yeah 2. low pvp pops, sadly - so pvp isnt really the main focus 3. you might want to, this server main advantage is its long-lived, unlike you-know-it servers that pops every month then dies 6 months later - pvp can be fast paced (mainly when the pvp bunch appears, obviously), but can be slow as hell to none 4. no 5. rcx is disabled, simplified is a no for pvm, yes for pvp all in all my main reason is i know what i amassed all this time wont vanish in 6 months, which is what would happen if i choose other servers