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  1. is it allowed to submit soup-kind of dish?
  2. imgur is banned on several isp in indonesia, just saying
  3. "All I could do is make the effort and show what I'm made of, for the decision is forever yours." - T i o
  4. kiel ktul rsx gopi sm nid lod gun thana vesper ifrit sounds like a LOT of death
  5. Is the foods dispellable? Is it dispellable upon death? Does it stack with normal foods?
  6. ^ Thats like saying maybe if you stop breathing there will be oxygen in your lungs (quote stolen from someone hehehe). They're being afkemist for a reason.
  7. imgur is horrible, i hate "open pic in a new tab" option when its hosted in imgur :| tinypic ftw
  8. They forgot to reflag the vanilla - unres :s The castle used to be an unres castle.
  9. And end up letting the other castle taken by like 10 sneaky sinxes? Wed will be the battle of sneaky sinxes, as usual, both at vanilla and unres, the difference is just both vanilla castles have good loki points while both unres castles ... caaaapfeeeeest
  10. Its kinda better for sunday all in all, no more capfesting FE while on the other hand practically change nothing on wednesday.
  11. Eh, you could speed pot in this WoE SE right?
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