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  1. :soontm: Classic Reply. :cutie: Blush smile :gj: Grape Juice, TRO's beverage of choice.
  2. \ :triggrd: :legasp: Here's what i got atm I'll work on the others when i get the time
  3. My feelings towards uwu and owo :Triggrd: Ahuehuehue :hehehe: Dafuq did i just witness :dafuq: Oh dear god... :legasp:
  4. .....3rd playthrough, 160+ hours in total, now with Edelgard and the Black Eagles.... Getting closer to coming back to TRO...
  5. ...on NG+ Golden Deer route. This time I've kidna...errr... recruited nearly all the students from the other houses.. Also probably gave the academy administration aneurysms from all the class transfer paperwork.
  6. I need food too. Sharing is caring friend. I shall partake when and if I manage to get away from the grasp of my Nintendo Switch. Feel free to have a taste of @PrideFriesPide and @GM Haru Bunny kebab while you're at it. They're delicious!
  7. We're a Monarchy, not a Communist state lol. Dimitri finally snapped out of his haze of bloodlust, now we're moving forward. Currently at war with the Adrestian Empire. The Leicester Alliance seems to be in a pinch so now they're requesting to unite against the Empire. While we did clash with them a while back it was mostly due to the Empire sabotaging communication. Claude always seemed to be a nice level-headed guy so why not, enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. Feels bad killing off former students and colleagues though. Some of them were great tea-time companions. Oh well, they chose the wrong side, at least they were tasty enough souls to fuel the war effort.
  8. ....a place called Garreg Mach Monastery as a professor, teaching some young adults that mass murder is fine as long as the victims are either: unnamed, extremely unremarkable, are bandits and whatever the plot tells us are bad guys according to the current curriculum, although it hints that the list of victims will also cover friends and family in the future. As the homeroom teacher of the Blue Lions, I and my students have been through a lot in just a couple of months, with cooking, eating, chatting, having tea, fishing and generally just hanging out and chilling inbetween our rampages. As of late, things are starting to get dicey, with conspiracies and traitors looming in every dark corner, but I'm getting pretty confident that my students will be able to overcome anything that comes their way as long as they don't fail me and get me or Dimitri(the house leader) killed. (I'd rather have no one on my side die at all tbh. No one has atm thanks to a certain time-turning loli, and ofc my impeccable strategy, hoping it stays that way.) So stay safe until I come back and spread darkness once again TRO. P.S. Pay here is lousy. Good thing they let us keep whatever we pillage.
  9. From the top of my head... LKH, BK str/agi mid, pirate dagger/Pussycat Bell, some element carded armours/porcello like Thieves, overupped valk mant with deviling, Sleips with GEC/DL or Enhanced variant shoes, 2 Bris with Mantis/Creamy(lol) An overupped Icepick[D] will help you against high defense targets.
  10. So should we just call you "aelis" since you're new and not actually returning? 😓
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