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  1. The Easter Event is up yet we have heard nothing from the yummy bunny trio?

    Are you three running around hiding easter eggs everywhere?


    1. GM Amor

      GM Amor

      @disguised them as rabbits in the Runaway Rabbits muhuahuahua

  2. I mean the other sqis such as Nibelungen, Aegis, Evangelist etc. But seeing as its not related to the client, I'll take it as a no? =/
  3. Will the change let us have custom sprites for sqis with our in-game character models? Or is it still hard coded to be impossible? (I thought impossible was nothing?😁)
  4. Very fast and efficient leecher Highly recommend 🍏
  5. Eventually adding more through Edit o/
  6. Decided to make random comics with screenshots and share them. #1 Protecc an Attac #2 The Newbening #3 CATastrophic #4 Megumeme-ing Watermelon #5 When Merchants Attack
  7. Format is probably conflicting with the forum. If it gets too messy, try pasting it as plain text first, then edit.
  8. Type your story in Word or any similar program and copy paste it in your post, then fix it up here. That way you also get a backup of your story.
  9. Notes: · Queen of the Night is an actual flower. A kind if desert flower that is said to be beautiful and has a very nice scent. It also blooms once a year at night. · Dark Lords can be of any race. Usually protects the balance of light and dark as champions of darkness. Values order, not chaos. · Cecilia and Apple are actually two of my in-game characters GM Challenges: GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point GM Luna - Takes place during the night under the moon and the stars GM Neza - Include a Prologue and an Epilogue Word count: 2434 IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
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