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  2. The Easter Event is up yet we have heard nothing from the yummy bunny trio?

    Are you three running around hiding easter eggs everywhere?


    1. GM Amor

      GM Amor

      @disguised them as rabbits in the Runaway Rabbits muhuahuahua

  3. Format is probably conflicting with the forum. If it gets too messy, try pasting it as plain text first, then edit.
  4. Type your story in Word or any similar program and copy paste it in your post, then fix it up here. That way you also get a backup of your story.
  5. Notes: · Queen of the Night is an actual flower. A kind if desert flower that is said to be beautiful and has a very nice scent. It also blooms once a year at night. · Dark Lords can be of any race. Usually protects the balance of light and dark as champions of darkness. Values order, not chaos. · Cecilia and Apple are actually two of my in-game characters GM Challenges: GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point GM Luna - Takes place during the night under the moon and the stars GM Neza - Include a Prologue and an Epilogue Word count: 2434 IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
  6. Lord Satan comes in many different forms 




  7. 26372604-turkish-pide-stock-image.jpg?ve

    Found a picture of you in the interwebz, Pide 

    1. PrideFries


      i look yummy, as always.

      (so thats pide lol)

    2. DoucheEnrique


      but those are baked not fried .... 

  8. Name: Valkyring Appearance: Dark red poring wearing a Dark Randgris Helm with small black wings Drops: Valhalla's Flower (Item ID# 7510) Old Purple Box (Item ID# 617) Old Card Album (Item ID# 616) Dark Randgris Helm (Item ID# 5373) Story: Once a normal poring, it's entire family was killed by greedy adventurers. Seeing it's plight, the fallen valkyrie Randgris bestowed a portion of her power unto the vengeful poring, empowering it, as well as warping it's appearance into closely resembling a fallen valkyrie, in exchange for slaughtering adventurer's to it's heart's content. While nowhere near as powerful as it's master, it has gained higher level intelligence and the power of teleportation, aside from becoming more than a match for an unprepared adventurer. Legend has it that this elusive and legendary poring wanders the dark, lonely corners of Rune Midgard, awaiting to exact it's revenge on nary an unsuspecting adventurer to sate it's thirst for vengeance. Name: Chronoring Appearance: Metallic-grey poring that has a clock bouncing on it's head. Animation is 1.5-2X speed. Drops: 25 Concentration Potion (Item ID# 645) 20 Awakening Potion (Item ID# 656) 15 Berserk Potion (Item ID# 657) 50 Authoritative Badge (Item ID# 662) Pocket Watch (Item ID# 7513) Grants Level 10 Agility Up and temporary +50% xp rate to player when killed Story: No one really knows how this very strange kind of poring came to be. Investigations and expeditions to unravel the mysteries behind this rare poring end up fruitless as it moves away with uncanny speed and more often than not suddenly disappearing without a trace. Some rumours on it's origins include an experiment gone wrong within Rekenber Corporation, a wizard's failed attempt at utilising time magic, and some even associate it as a byproduct of Juperos' fall. Recently discovered recordings of it's sightings only deepened the mystery behind this strange creature, as these recordings predated even the golden age of Geffenia..... Name: Edenring Appearance: Poring wearing a garden of Eden Hat. Constantly uses the "!" and "Quest" emote. Drops: Garden of Eden Costume (Item ID# 20807) 25 White Potion Box (Item ID# 20977) 50 Strawberry Box (Item ID# 20976) Speed Potion Box(10) (Item ID# 13995) Infinite Flywing 7 day Box (Item ID# 17229) Eden Merit Badge X100 (Item ID# 6495) Story: The Eden Group once attempted to use porings as couriers to deliver supplies to adventurers affiliated with the organisation out in the field. They were rigorously trained to keep their cargo safe while nimbly moving around very fast out of harm's way. Unfortunately, these porings turned into master escape artists as a side effect of their training, and every single one escaped their holding pens. The Eden Group has since discarded the idea of courier porings. Some say these porings are still out in the wilds, wandering around with Eden merchandise. Dubbed as "Edenrings", adventurers lucky enough to encounter one and quick enough to catch one can lay claim to their undelivered cargo! Name: Changeling Appearance: Black poring with a question mark bouncing on it's head. Has 1 hp. Drops: Talon Coin X2 (Item ID# 8900) Summons a random treasure poring where it died. Story: A treasure poring born in-between dimensions. Legend has it that killing one will pull another treasure poring from another dimension. IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
  9. Husky Hat Costume with a real Husky!! IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
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