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    Endgame Field Pvp

    Ah ok. Although I'm thinking of just using an unpopular map. Newbies levelling here is completely optional, so not forced at all
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    Endgame Field Pvp

    This suggestion will be vague. If considered/implemented at all, hopefully TRO can fill in the gaps however they wanna do it. Problem: Endgame players don't have much to do. The server is too "at peace" when there's no event, and the events they participate in has nothing to do with interacting with newer players Suggestion: 1. Get a not very popular but fairly accessible map. Make it active Pvp (not nightmare, just PK on), no flywing/bflywing. 2. Put an NPC for a quest. The reward of the quest should preferably benefit more to newbies, and benefit from levelling/farming in that map or around. 3. This reward can only be activated by reaching the NPC. 4. A player can choose to "Guard" this NPC instead. Doing this means this player can not claim the reward, but are able to teleport next to the NPC (So, like WoE) 5. Reversely, these "guardians" can allow the newbies to reach the NPC instead, protecting them from aggro monsters that spawn around the NPC. So the decision of these guards need to be discussed among them. 6. This way, the newbies who wants to activate can either complain in !main or !recruit, if some random other end game player would be willing to escort them through the guard. 7. A rogue player who still wants the buff (so, not a Guardian) might PK other players too for monopoly. The newbies might complain in !main about these PKers too. -Using an unpopular map, hopefully this won't be complicated in terms of balancing what already exists. -The main point is a "player based events" that makes use of a mechanics that's inherent in the map Balancing: 1. What would the reward be? BronzeCoins? Something that only benefits the newbies, and ideally not a very farmable, or even tradeable item to fluctuate the market in any way. Even better, these reward expires every week or so. 2. Rather than "what", "how" will the reward be applied to farm in the area? A monster, say only 2 spawn in the map, with 10+ minute spawn time. They spawn minions/mushrooms who drops BronzeCoins. "Activating" the quest shows their location. Or maybe, they don't spawn, only spawned by activating it via the NPC. 3. The monster shouldn't be intimidated-able 4. Having the monsters spawn mushrooms like this means cooperating is possible. The PKer will have more reason to cause havoc, they may want to claim the monsters just for their "group" 5. I try to not ask for a new type of skill/buff to be necessary for this, only a new monster/minion. I'm still not sure how much customization is possible/tRo's willing to do Cheers
  3. Halo all. I played Talon ages ago, got a kaho I think, then quit bcoz life. I don't really play much different games much now except Dota, Ragnarok M(which I'll quit soon from disappointment), and now thinking of returning here. I'm a Game Developer from Bali, sometimes I stream my dev in twitch(just started tho). RO1 is one of the biggest influence of my personal game. But now I have some client's project too. I really thrive on MMO with community, and have been trying to properly research this aspect for my own game. So... I'm looking for a guild too, a casual one but with passion for the concept of games in general preferably, because I'd like to talk a lot about game dev, among other things. And maybe you guys can try out my game too (alpha build soon). Or if there are other gamedev/programmer around? Or has been to Bali, and so on. I only have a hunter, priest, and might play something that's much more community oriented now. Probably focus on priest, make a pally, or even prof and creator. I'll be casual, but I'll be there for parties and the likes. Cheers!
  4. So, rather than making a new thread, I'll try asking here: In terms of general usefulness, what items should I save up for? I already saved up for a kaho, and I guess Mavkas are really good farming place, so I bought a weeder's knife for my rogue. Other than that, what are the other generally useful, kinda expensive items to save up for? I'm guessing next on the list would be Deviling garment, celebration ring(or if I'm really dedicated, save up for Meginjard?) Thanks.
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