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  1. Remember when Ivory lance was 90m a piece? Lot of guilds compete for Mammoth in the past
  2. One of the best chars to make and cheap to gear at the same time will be your source of income will be a Stalker. When I was new, the only good item I had was a VVS Fire Damascus and I farmed in Mavkas to earn my starting gears for my other chars.
  3. I know a couple that met in game and got married IRL and now have a family!
  4. Yes there are fewer people now but as long as this server has new players it will thrive. Take into consideration that in the past people only has a few options on where to level. GHP GHC etc. now there are hunting and gathering quests in eden for different level brackets. Also tried the mobile but... its not my cup of tea. Its too easy, theres like a bot function and its not the RO that i loved since I was young. I always hope that someday RO Mobile will become the stepping stone for the next generation to be introduced into this game. As I always assume that the demographics of players here are 25+ because it is one of the first mmorpg that we got our hands on and its nostalgic. We have work now, start a family in the future, etc. as Boreas said, we will move on and most already did. Been playing here for a long time and I have been to a lot of groups of people and yeah its sad that I am one of the few people left of that era.
  5. Hi! Do you still accept commissions?
  6. Rpoints

    3 Levels of Gramps

    Due to the random nature of the weekly quest of gramps. Sometimes the difficulty difference is from level 1 to level 100 or sometimes the intense can only be accessed by a few and done by a few. Everytime the gramps become thor 3 (map anyone can access) people party up. Newbies have a chance for leveling up while Old players have something to gain. Players become part of a community instead of doing quests or hunting board quests alone. My suggestion is that add another level of gramps as normal - hard- intense. Normal - stays the same Hard - is where people party up (abbey 3 - Odin 3- Thor 3- Juperos?) Intense - Quest based end game content This will hopefully encourage players to stay logged in more (increase pop count) because parties are always being formed therefore more activities for both new and old players. I noticed this whenever gramps quest became something where people gather and party up in thors like in the old days where abbey is packed and full of people. It also stimulates the market for demand of gears for those areas.
  7. Hi! I fully trust your database converter, but someone mentioned to SS all my stuff just to be on the safe side. Data migration in reality is a pain in the butt to execute especially the server ran smoothly and without wipes for more than 10 years! Thats huge loads of data (and you have to convert it!) Is Screen Shot-ing all items advisable? Will you still have the copy of the pre-iduna database where you can confirm if something is lost. Thanks!
  8. This post gave me a good laugh hahaha. Nagaantay padin ang tao ng kasagutan sa matagal nang tanong na yan
  9. Anyone still around? Rpoints here T_T
  10. @Spoonyman for the ring part a wedding ring or silver ring works too
  11. The name of the Treasure Poring: PhDring The preferred color of the Treasure Poring: Black mixed with one of the ff. colors (Maroon, teal, brown, green, red, blue, yellow) to resemble the toga OR plain poring with PhD hat and monocle The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market *Normal Drops (100%) - Ph.D Hat (ID:5012) - level 5 Cold Bolt(ID:689) - level 5 Earth Spike(ID:687) - level 5 Fire Bolt(ID:691) - level 5 Lightning Bolt (ID:693) - Old Magic Book (ID:1006) *MVP Drops (since you can only get one if mvp drop) all at 50% (or a gacha box that contains one of these 4) - Book of Billows(ID:1553) - Book of Gust Wind(ID:1556) - Book of Mother Earth(ID:1554) - Book of the Blazing Sun(ID:1555) A short backstory about your Treasure Poring: This Poring was an outcast due to its unordinary thirst for knowledge. The only friends it had were books and scrolls but it didn't care. Unsatisfied with the knowledge the poring community has to offer, it then set out on a journey and ended up in Yuno where it found a scholar who became his teacher. After many years of studying it is now a PhD graduate, and the Poring community is very proud of it. In-Game Character Name: Rpoints
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