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  1. Comment About The Person Above You

    Launder Fonder Bonder Maunder Wonder Ponder Absconder .........
  2. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    Hi. It's a bit on the wrong place, yes. These usually belong under the Swordsman subforum under Class Discussion, but no worries. I can help out nonetheless. Both options have their own benefits. Thara Frog card reduces all damage types from any Demi-Humans, including yourself. The self-damage portion of Grand Cross will therefore be reduced. It will, however, not reduce the HP cost to cast the spell, so bear this in mind. Khalitzburg card reduces all damage from Demon race monsters. Any attack of any element, so long as it comes from a Demon element mob, will be reduced by 30%. This fits right up your alley when fighting against Demons types. Do take note that Demon race is distinct from Undead, the latter will ignore your Khalitzburg card. From this alone, I would suggest going for Thara Frog card if your Grand Cross can easily dispatch most of these monsters in 1 or 2 casts. You'll rarely take damage from monsters anyway, since Grand Cross has a side effect a lot of players tend to ignore: Blind. A blinded group of monsters increase your survivability, and pairs well with Flee-based Grand Cross build more than the VIT-based variant. A third option is to simply hold on to your zeny for a while, and try the Flee-Grand Cross build. It makes everything easier especially at low-levels and require less investment than the more popular VIT-builds.
  3. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Whew saved this thread again.
  4. Scaraba Monster F1

    They are actually normal type mobs. Only the "golden" versions which can be found in Scaraba Hole 3 have the official "boss-type" tag. I think it's a typo or something on the database' part, since it doesn't really make sense if the weaker horned Scaraba are boss types and the Antler and Rake Scaraba are normal mobs.
  5. Ano ang RO story mo?

    Hey at least he pays taxes and works for the government.
  6. здраствуйте извните меня я квам пооднаму вопросу уменя украли шмотки в  вы немоглибы помоч мне их вернуть пожалуйсто 


    1. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      No you may not Rush B while drinking vodka, Ivankov.

    2. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      On the other hand, please submit a support ticket regarding your concern.


      Rough translation suggests you lost your items, so I recommend bringing it up to the staff.


  7. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Nah. @SkyeReed I am too nervous for the cook off competition right now to apply for anything else :3
  8. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    New page lol wiiiiiiiiiiiinn
  9. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    *much slower clap*
  10. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Here we go. MEGA MAGMABREAD Game Recipe: Real Recipe: GM Challenges: GM Zelda - Sweet Tooth. Smooth texture. GM Cherri - Avid Gamer, with a helping of a wiki editor, too! GM Luna - Hawt. In a good way. Main Dish: 750 grams of flour 8 slices of ham Capers 450 ml warm water 8 strips of honeycured bacon Pitted Green Olives 1/2 tbsp of salt 1 zucchini Anchovies 1 tbsp of yeast Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese Whole Pimiento 1 red bell pepper 5 tomatoes Dessert (per serving): Soft bread crumbs (from the bread you just baked) 1 Egg 150 ml Milk Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp of sugar (or maple syrup; add more per your taste) Making the dough: In a large enough bowl, mix together the flour and salt until well combined. Mix in the yeast into the warm water, then add it into the flour as well. Keep mixing until it forms into a nice, large dough. Prepare a surface for kneading your dough. Sprinkle a small amount of flour over a clean, flat surface. Knead the dough. It starts out sticky and lumpy but after a while it becomes smooth and tacky to the touch. Let it rise for at least 1 hour by placing it in a clean bowl and covering it, making sure that the ambient temperature doesn't get too cold. When it has doubled in size, it's time to preheat the oven. Baking the bread: Preheat the oven to 200°C / 390°F As soon as the temperature reaches the desired level, quickly and decisively score your bread using a sharp cutting knife or a clean razor blade Place the bread in the oven and set a timer for 1 hour Once done, set it aside to cool for as long as you baked it. Making the sandwich: While your bread is cooling, blend together your pitted olives, capers, anchovies and whole pimientos. Add as many pimientos as you and your family and friends can handle. This is a variation of tapenade Fry your bacon and ham slices, taking care not to make the bacon shriveled and crispy. Give each bacon strip about 1 minute on each side After taking out the bacon and ham, turn the pan into low heat and put in your zucchini slices. This dries out the water in the zucchini while letting it absorb some of the flavor of the bacon and ham Once the bread has cooled, slice off the top part of the bread. Dig out the bread inside, leaving about half an inch from the crust to work with Cover the bottom and sides of the "pot bread" with a thin layer of tapenade Place your bacon slices inside as shown. It's important that the bacon is not crispy and shriveled for this reason Put in the rest of the ingredients in the following order: Mozzarella Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Ham Tapenade Zucchini Ham Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Mozzarella Tapenade Then use the other ends of the bacon to cover the top part of the layers Seal the bread using melted cheddar cheese at the rim, then place it back in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180°C / 360°F Dessert Round: Using the extra bread, prepare some crumbs into a microwavable mug / cup To crumb the bread, simply rub two large pieces together This method is my personal preference. Other recipes just ask that you make some bread cubes, which works out well enough Mix together the milk, egg, vanilla extract and sugar or maple syrup until well combined Pour in the mixture into the mug, making sure that the bread crumbs are completely saturated. Soak them for 3 minutes or more Microwave your pudding for 2 minutes. Serve straight from the mug or turn it upside down for some fancy opportunities And that's all folks! Please enjoy it with the summer! Both the dish and dessert can be packed for an outdoor picnic. Or eaten as soon as the whole family smells it. Like so.
  11. Costume Requirements

    Why is it that everyone else can see that, no matter what facet of the game you try to bring into this just to salvage some sort of, well, anything, this suggestion will never be a good idea? Because it just isn't a good idea. Along with that, all your posts are self-defeating. You fail to grasp, despite us telling you many times over, that newbies will never think of costumes when their foremost priority is to improve their way of life. Unlike you, they don't have the luxury of spending 50m for a bunch of gift boxes costume. You also fail to account that setting a level restriction on costumes will stop a sizable chunk of newbies who would actually buy a costume, and quite a few of them skipped the grind by donating to the server. You failed, too, to see that half of these costumes you so wanted to be sold are stuck that way because everyone else has them already, or no one wants to buy them. You failed as well to see that these surplus of costumes always happen during an event that makes costumes rain left, right and center. You once more fail to grasp that it is the players who set the value for these costumes, and their desirability does not always reflect their price. It doesn't take a newbie to think and assess a costume and deem it unfit for his or her tastes. You, yet again, fail to solidify the connection of this new "improved" idea to your original purpose and reasoning, resulting in yet another thinly veiled attempt to save this from the Declined Status. In fact, I'd say this "economy thing" just sealed the deal, if it didn't already.
  12. Costume Requirements

    There's nothing in the original post that states you wanted to do this for the economy. I thought you wanted to boost the economy? Why are you instead limiting the people that can potentially BUY these costumes to keep the money flowing? And there's already a limitation in place: PRICE. Let's go back to that level requirement thing and assume it is now in place. I am a low-level swordie and I somehow have managed to earn 60m. Do I: Buy a 60m costume that offers no boost to my quality of life battling Myst Cases? Buy a Lord Kaho's Horn that everyone is talking about? Study the market and engage in buy and sell? Buy 50m worth of Gift Boxes and use up the remaining 10m more trying to get a card worth 1.7m? I have stated this earlier, and I'll state it again: Rarely a newbie asks how much a costume is worth and instead puts forth the same question many before him have already asked. "How do I get by in this game?" | ) )<3
  13. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Guys I think he wants to type "lol"
  14. Costume Requirements

    Please indicate in this original post where you stated "some newbies". On the other hand, you just crushed your own one justification for making this suggestion worthy of consideration. If it was "a lot of newbies" then it would definitely be an issue. But no. You now claim that you said "some", which can be as little as one and further defined as "someone I know". Why bother with levels if I'll just be maxed out? You know who are also low level players? Newbies. You're basically saying low level players are denied the opportunity to wear any costume they fancy, and would have to face the grueling grind looking plain at worst. They already have limited stats, gears, and know-how, and you want to prevent them from getting costumes. What was the point again? Oh yeah. To not discourage new players. Not related to this suggestion, but totally related to your own RMS review with your gift box fiasco. If you wanted not to discourage new players, maybe you would have, oh I dunno, not given the server a negative rating?