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  1. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    No. Only the initial SP cost of casting Kaahi will be reduced. Source: Tested it myself.
  2. Wanting a dose of nostalgia

    You'll do great here. You may end up even staying a while, nostalgia trips aside. Have fun.
  3. Unslotting question

    Well if getting 5TCs is too hard, it's almost always better to buy it from the reward guru. Following that, it wouldn't make sense for a newbie to be at that stage where he/she will want to remove cards from equipments. Unless you made a mistake, in which case a 5TC cost serves as a deterrent of some sorts and for everyone to be more careful and efficient with their items, indirectly safeguarding the established values of both equipment and card Kek.
  4. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Such an old person.
  5. Baby, there's nothing holding me back!!!

    1. kossploss


      from publishing more guides /gg 

  6. High end geffenia money guide

  7. Rogue to Stalker Build

    Here's a complete list of everything you wanna know about melee rogues, and it's not gonna get easier than this, folks!~ https://forum.talonro.com/forum/68-thief/ Kekekekeke. But on a more serious note. The first page alone shows a lot already, from something as basic as this and this, to something a little bit advanced such as this. And if you're gonna check out the second link, there's an immediate response showing the item list you pretty much wanna get. Again, just in the first page. And we're not lying about this subforum containing pretty much everything. It's been asked, answered, and tested many times over that it has achieved meme status. And from the looks of it, you're not satisfied with the research you did, nor convinced that this is all there is. There's nothing a more special snowflake build archived here. What links you clicked on are the answers, and imagine several copies of it across the whole subforum. Can't blame people for giving up answering you.
  8. Comment About The Person Above You

    Launder Fonder Bonder Maunder Wonder Ponder Absconder .........
  9. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    Hi. It's a bit on the wrong place, yes. These usually belong under the Swordsman subforum under Class Discussion, but no worries. I can help out nonetheless. Both options have their own benefits. Thara Frog card reduces all damage types from any Demi-Humans, including yourself. The self-damage portion of Grand Cross will therefore be reduced. It will, however, not reduce the HP cost to cast the spell, so bear this in mind. Khalitzburg card reduces all damage from Demon race monsters. Any attack of any element, so long as it comes from a Demon element mob, will be reduced by 30%. This fits right up your alley when fighting against Demons types. Do take note that Demon race is distinct from Undead, the latter will ignore your Khalitzburg card. From this alone, I would suggest going for Thara Frog card if your Grand Cross can easily dispatch most of these monsters in 1 or 2 casts. You'll rarely take damage from monsters anyway, since Grand Cross has a side effect a lot of players tend to ignore: Blind. A blinded group of monsters increase your survivability, and pairs well with Flee-based Grand Cross build more than the VIT-based variant. A third option is to simply hold on to your zeny for a while, and try the Flee-Grand Cross build. It makes everything easier especially at low-levels and require less investment than the more popular VIT-builds.
  10. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Whew saved this thread again.
  11. Scaraba Monster F1

    They are actually normal type mobs. Only the "golden" versions which can be found in Scaraba Hole 3 have the official "boss-type" tag. I think it's a typo or something on the database' part, since it doesn't really make sense if the weaker horned Scaraba are boss types and the Antler and Rake Scaraba are normal mobs.
  12. Ano ang RO story mo?

    Hey at least he pays taxes and works for the government.
  13. здраствуйте извните меня я квам пооднаму вопросу уменя украли шмотки в  вы немоглибы помоч мне их вернуть пожалуйсто 


    1. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      No you may not Rush B while drinking vodka, Ivankov.

    2. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      On the other hand, please submit a support ticket regarding your concern.


      Rough translation suggests you lost your items, so I recommend bringing it up to the staff.