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  1. My Wife for Hire

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

  2. My Wife for Hire

    What Are You Listening To?

    This warms my stone-cold heart.
  3. My Wife for Hire

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    Gazeti Card: Banana Hat (Auto-cast Provoke): Autospell tests Firebolt: Fireball, testing the AoE again: Not a single stray spell on the other mushrooms being constantly hit by splash attacks in a span of almost 5 minutes. I'm not repeating this for Alchemy Gloves. It procs on Hell's Judgement, Vampire Gift, Firewall, its own Firebolts, etc. You do player-based damage, it sends firebolts. It's coded that way. Rest of them is as I tested them in the first place.
  4. My Wife for Hire

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    I definitely tried this one out before. Didn't work as well since Hindsight triggers per swing, independent on actually hitting your target, which is what most other auto-cast-on-target requires. This renders baphomet card null since your main attack needs to actually hit the main target for the splash attacks to work. I guess this calls for an update, then? I'll test it using my hindsight prof on a pair of summoned mushrooms being constantly healed by sanctuary. Probably this weekend. With videos, of course.
  5. My Wife for Hire

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    Videos as counter-proof, please. I have videos right at the end of each item that showcases my findings, and I've yet to see something from yours. Clicking on the link next to "Auto-Bolts" take you to the part of the corresponding video showing me using a Gazeti-carded Belt against high orcs. And it's not just a bunch of High Orcs on the same tile. I managed those High Orcs so that they're not stacking on the same tile lest people get confused. Video shows a total of 6 Colt Bolts over a course of 70-75 attacks, and it's always on the main target that I am auto-attacking. Around 8% proc rate which may or may not be relevant enough for a proper sample size. Also, this update from 9 years ago right here, 2nd to last item under "eAthena updates". There's been no other update announced that they're repealing this one, so there's that. As I've said before, Alchemy Gloves are an exception since they are coded differently. Among all the auto-spell cards, it has the only one with the script: BF_WEAPON|BF_MAGIC The rest of them don't have this code, which is why Alchemy Gloves can even trigger on its own Auto-casted firebolts. * Trigger criteria (bf) BF_SHORT = Trigger on melee attacks BF_LONG = Trigger on ranged attacks (Default: BF_SHORT+BF_LONG) BF_WEAPON = Trigger on weapon skills BF_MAGIC = Trigger on magic skills BF_MISC = Trigger on misc skills (Default: BF_WEAPON) BF_NORMAL = Trigger on normal attacks BF_SKILL = Trigger on skills (Default: BF_SKILL if type is BF_MISC or BF_MAGIC, BF_NORMAL if type is BF_WEAPON) So, I'm awaiting your video. I'll concede if proven otherwise. That's what this guide is about, anyway.
  6. My Wife for Hire

    Sinx Transformer :)

    I'd like a proof debunking my findings, video and all. If you're talking about Alchemist Gloves, then it's an exception since that accessory is coded differently and doesn't make my findings mute. Otherwise it's just plain old visual clutter. Having multiple mobs stacked on the same tile doesn't mean it actually "splashes" on them. A lot of people make that wrong assumption. We've had people playing with TG + Baphomet card for over a year and convinced themselves that it splashes equally, so I'm not surprised other stuff on my list could be mistaken as well. Also, auto-bolt champ. Pfft.
  7. My Wife for Hire

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    First, crystal clear screenshot from OP shows Pantie + Undershirt combo. Second, also a very clear screenshot shows a niche Odin's Blessing combo. I don't get how anyone could even be under this impression unless they're too focused on disagreeing with an idea to actually comprehend anything else. LOL that self-upvote. Even RagnarOne woudn't stoop so low. That's actually the problem. GC requires your mobs to be almost up-close and personal, something that you shouldn't have any problems with when fighting something as abysmally slow as a zombie, but it's still there nonetheless. Even with a cast time of 1.79 seconds -which is slow-, there're still some of those mobs that will make the journey to your char and score a hit or two (either by an incorrect judgement, slip up, input lag, or greed because you just gotta get that last zombie into the AoE as well). And the same can be said during the phase of gathering the mob: a few stray hits and the character is stun-locked, even with a Peco. You're not only healing up from GC self-damage, but also from the tens of scratches you get with it before, during, and sometimes after casting it. Just to be clear, I pointed out on my first post that VIT is hands down better than Flee... in higher levels. Flee builds are always a help in low levels when stat points are low, equipment is scarce and money is tight. But that's just a phase everyone goes through. A few more points in DEX and a decent mid-tier item and the OP might as well forget this whole Flee thing.
  8. My Wife for Hire

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    To add on to the Flee suggestion: It's very easy to forget that Grand Cross inflicts the Blind status on Undead Property and Demon Races, which are most mobs that you're using Grand Cross against anyway. And Blind reduces HIT by 25%. That's roughly 20%-ish more dodge (Dodge calculation is Dodge Rate(%) = 100% - (Attacker Hit + 80 - Defenders Flee) ). But I rest my case, since OP seems to have decided on VIT path. I wish you luck.
  9. My Wife for Hire

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    Hi. I would advice a stat change. Where you are right now, AGI (more specifically, Flee) would be of more help than VIT. You would end up consuming less meats, saving more for Grape Juices or even a better item down the road. People tend to forget that during cast time, Grand Cross reduces your defense by a large margin, and that you really take a lot of hits at really low Flee. Never mind the self-damage when switching out to AGI and losing out on VIT-HP: you can take it, trust me. Just don't overmob by taking on more than 4 monsters and you should be fine. It's only on the higher levels (90 and above) that VIT would take the lead, as by that time, you'd have more damage-resist equips on you, and that enemies have a higher HIT rate that nullifies your FLEE. You can check out some of the free equips you get by joining the Eden Group. It will be outclassed by most mid-tier items, but it should help you get by at these early stages. Pick up some stray Skeleton and Zombie Prisoners on GH Prison, and some loots lying around, too. Mind the Alchemists leveling their homunculus and you should be fine. For a more end-game oriented advice, there are quite a few here in this sub-section, but that doesn't seem to be what you need right now, so this should do.