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  1. Prepare Me a Song Winners!

    IGN: My Wife for Hire GM Box: Saen. #loyaltothecause Thanks for the event! I'll try to do even better next time!
  2. Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    Heyo. So, apparently, there's been a few spasms of people asking about Lord Baphomet and his great abs. It would have been fine and dandy, had people been providing the right answers to these inquiries... So here's me doing this guide a shameless bump for everyone. I haven't been able to play and log-in for a while, otherwise I would have personally answered these questions as they appear in main chat. But real life is kinda taking a toll on me, with both house and work being a drain almost every day (former is because there's less people to help around the house; latter is because of a Klingon promotion a.k.a. immediate superior sucks so they let me do it instead). Still, I manage to keep an eye and ear out for things here cuz I wub u guys | ) )<3 Happy gaming.
  3. *knock knock*

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  4. Season's greetings, everyone!

  5. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    It may not work the same way in Manuk, but in El Dicastes I saw no point in trying to kill these Centipedes. Their drops are horrible and the EXP gain (if you're after that as well) won't match the effort you put in trying to kill one. What I did was just kneading the mob. Since Centipedes have faster movespeed, I used this fact to lure them all away from the rest of my targets then doubled back as soon as they're all far enough for my comfort. If I can't do that, I just 1 v 1 any Centipede I see before proceeding to tear at the others. LKs always come out on top. Parrying is our best friend. One more thing to consider is that it's different from Manuk because Centipedes don't spawn instantly in El Dic (spawn rate of 5 seconds, not much but it adds up). And Quagmire. We don't like quagmire.
  6. Prepare Me a Song

    IGN: My Wife for Hire Original Song: Mary Did You Know? Challenge: The Composer Challenge...? Idk Talon, did you know that this newbie boy will climb the Endless Tower? Talon, did you know that this newbie boy will save his guild from slaughter? Did you know that this newbie boy has sought for pre-renew? This boy that you have guided, will soon be guiding you. Talon, did you know that this newbie girl will wreck a scrub veteran? Talon, did you know that this newbie girl will cast Storm Gust in an instant? Did you know that this newbie girl has walked where Tamtam trod? And when you speak to this little newbie, she'll act and leave you awed. Talon did you know? Talon did you know? Talon did you know? The lost will see. The old will hear. The Wiki will live again. The banned will weep and then will shriek "why didn't I read the ruuuuuules!" Talon did you know that this newbie boy will wear a Lord Kaho's Horn? Talon did you know that this newbie girl will break the Seals in succession? Did you know that this boy and girl has will of brightest flame? The happiness they feel within for this great game! Talon did you know? Talon did you know? Talon did you know? Oooh... Talon did you know? Talon did you know? Talon did you know? Talon did you know.... P.S.: I personally welcome the new people in our server. Don't be disheartened with a few bumps and blocks. This song could be referring to you!
  7. What does LK excel at?

  8. Double Attack Damage

    Because the ATK Bonus of all Weapon Mastery skills (in your case, Sword Mastery) is applied at the end of each Double Attack / Triple Attack "proc" and pretty much every physical skill, resulting in a lower number as you have observed.
  9. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

  10. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    No. Only the initial SP cost of casting Kaahi will be reduced. Source: Tested it myself.
  11. Wanting a dose of nostalgia

    You'll do great here. You may end up even staying a while, nostalgia trips aside. Have fun.
  12. Unslotting question

    Well if getting 5TCs is too hard, it's almost always better to buy it from the reward guru. Following that, it wouldn't make sense for a newbie to be at that stage where he/she will want to remove cards from equipments. Unless you made a mistake, in which case a 5TC cost serves as a deterrent of some sorts and for everyone to be more careful and efficient with their items, indirectly safeguarding the established values of both equipment and card Kek.
  13. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Such an old person.
  14. Baby, there's nothing holding me back!!!

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      from publishing more guides /gg