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  1. My Wife for Hire

    Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Ew. Start of the new year and we already missed one day without posting.
  2. My Wife for Hire

    Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    Happy 2019, nerds. Let's keep this thread going to whatever end.
  3. My Wife for Hire

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    No, it definitely works on other monsters. Video even shows transformed monsters undergoing another transformation like that build-up into Hell Apocalypse. I just tested it on Sleepers and it works. You should have tried it someplace else instead of just in Magma Dungeon, with those pathetic overmobbing vampires. It just doesn't work in dungeons. And towns. Probably. Spent a good 30 minutes attacking a couple of Ice Titans and Snowiers. No effect. Hylozoist card is actually the triggering of the Hocus Pocus skill "Class Change". Hocus Pocus is disabled on dungeons and towns, and it may have also affected Hylozoist card as well. Probably.
  4. My Wife for Hire

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    Hylozoist card + Baphomet Inspired by a recent discussion in our server's Discord channel, although apparently people have been wondering about this for a while. Cheers.
  5. My Wife for Hire

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    I don't get what you're trying to point out when they both mean the same thing. If I have 76% chance to dodge an attack, then it could also mean that I have 76% chance for all attacks to miss on me. Or am I missing something?
  6. My Wife for Hire

    Starter Class Guide--Not rogues thats for sure

    Self-defeating. Your presented points for an argument contradict themselves. You just did, as I have clearly outlined. I am happy that you realize it wasn't a small effort on my part. I am saddened that you dismissed it as unrelated. It is not: it is a hypothetical manifestation of your playstyle and why it would fail. Claiming that a 99 STR 1 AGI can survive relying on Improved Dodge alone, even if you won't recommend it, is a clear display of lack of knowledge of how stats work. Improved Dodge is never meant to stand for itself, but as a means for Thief Classes to hit that 95% dodge rate more easily than the rest of the classes. I have presented a hypothetical scenario of said level 70 Rogue fighting a Leaf Cat (which is not strange as it is still a good way to gain Job EXP for newly promoted Thieves) and outlined that said 1 AGI Rogue will most likely get hit more often than if he/she invested in AGI as well, while adding that the only time your suggested stats would even work was if you were fighting a defenseless Red Mushroom. Again, this isn't a denial. Among those here who have dismissed your claims as "dumb", "omg just quit the game", "someone slap him", I can say that I am the only one who went to this extent trying to understand how your "gameplay" would even work based on pre-existing general knowledge of the community and my own personal experience. Heck, I'm probably the only one closest to accepting it. And it's not even wrong. It's just that you failed to support why your playstyle would even work. Had you went to greater lengths to explain your thoughts more clearly and presented accurate knowledge of the game in general, then I wouldn't even bother with this "half of page of unrelated text". Let's try this again. I am a level 70 Rogue and I want to do melee and range at the same time. To make this work, I must realize the following things I must do: I must invest in both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, including the cost for arrows. I must allocate my stats so that both weapon sets will deal an acceptable amount of damage each. I must set my skill points to make the most of both playstyles. I must prioritize at least 20 points in Double Strafe and Vulture's Eye alone. I must then make the most of the remaining 29 points, knowing full well that I cannot maximize some skills at the expense of others. I must then work on and improve on this playstyle through actual practice, challenging myself against stronger enemies, and find out any weakness for improvement. I must have the humility to realize that there will always be a weakness in any build. I must then show my best, most undeniably awesome work to the rest of the community, preferably through a video, while screaming "IN YOUR FACE, N0obZ!!!!!" There's no need to tell me what I have already done many times over in the past. I have posted my thoughts in other threads before. Feel free to check them out.
  7. My Wife for Hire

    Starter Class Guide--Not rogues thats for sure

    Each and every part of your statement is self-defeating. The only part that is correct is you agreeing that I got it right, which is to point out how wrong your initial statement is. Here in RO, there will always be a class doing subpar in a specific something than another class. I just pointed out that even going hybrid as a Rogue will not save it: you merely suggested taking the Rogue class from "doing bad as a melee" to "doing worse as a melee because I wanted to simultaneously go ranged as well". You literally used 99 STR 1 AGI as an example and proceed to claim it can survive just with Improved Dodge at level 10 alone. A base level 70 Rogue (assuming a decent job level 30) at 1 AGI with Improve Dodge 10 has a Flee of 116. Throw in your precious Undershirt + Pantie combo and you get 131, which is basically a scratching post for Leaf Cats. Disregarding the assumption that you're probably hunting a defenseless Red Mushroom (which doesn't make sense having 99 STR since they receive 1 damage anyway), why should anyone take this quoted statement seriously? You probably haven't logged on the game and had a look at the market. The most expensive item right now is not an SQI (sans an over-upgraded one), but a costume that gives no benefit to killing Red Mushrooms other than having a bunch of heart-confetti-something over your character while doing it. And before you call me out on it (lol dis guy dumdum y he atk mushro0mz shud kil sleepr insted), it was you who made an example of a Hunter killing a plant in the frist place. This also defeats your previous statements. You proclaimed Rogue as having, and I quote, "Best survival skills, best Eden weapon, extra loot and ability to switch between melee and bow attack looks like great bonus for new character." You used the term "best", which for us translates to "getting maximum performance about killing something". Exactly your words, and you dismissed it as "way too much". You, also at the same time, disregarded your declaration of knowing about "stats" as unimportant with that same sentence. And then you immediately bring up stats again, which we shouldn't be investing our nerdy lives into too much, according to you. Also, you're worried about costs of meats and flywings but getting another weapon set is not a problem? This next sentence proves that you haven't been fiddling with the TalonRO calculator, either you haven't found about it or you're better than a community project. Shout out to those guys working on it, btw. Assuming once again that we have a level 70 Rogue taking on something more challenging than a cat and decides to have his way with High Orcs (or the other way around), and a split-even STR DEX just to get the most out of either melee/range, you can have the following stat combinations: 40 STR 40 DEX 81 AGI. MELEE / RANGE 46 STR 46 DEX 73 AGI. MELEE / RANGE. Leftover of 2 stat points. With job bonus it reaches 50 STR 50 DEX for that bonus damage. 56 STR 56 DEX 56 AGI. MELEE / RANGE. Leftover of 5 stat points. With job bonus it reaches 60 STR 60 DEX. Note how your ASPD gets slower and slower as you invest in both STR and DEX (which still doesn't do much). It doesn't take long for a High Orc to walk right up to you because you can't hit-lock it very well, which negates the purpose of going range in the first place. And we're not even talking about the other orcs in the vicinity. When they gang up on you, you probably will use Backslide until you run out of SP (assuming you didn't use Double Strafe at all) or use meats or even flywing, but you can't afford them because you bought another weapon. And you can't use Intimidate to escape or have a free flywing because you allocated your skill points someplace else, like Double Strafe. How can "perfectly fine" and "less than optimal stats" even fit together in the same sentence is beyond me. Either you don't know what "perfectly fine" means, or this is some seriously overpowered exploit that I don't know about, which warrants a report according to the server rules. Probably the only thing I can agree on if I take this sentence out of context from the rest of the post. When did I ever mention that you wait for the grass to grow before you get to full health? Or are you unfamiliar with the skill's primary function of doubling the effects of any healing item you consume? This passive skill alone allows Swordsman to invest less in VIT and allocate more points on other stats while reaping the full benefits of said passive skill anyway. Healing through boots? Are we talking about General Egnigem Cenia card? Because that card isn't something a starter usually can afford in the early levels. Also, you bought another weapon, remember? Also, an AGI Knight has merely 40 less Flee than your Rogue, but it can still consume less meats thanks to this passive skill and the Flee that came from investing in AGI, something that any other melee class will probably never get to enjoy.
  8. My Wife for Hire

    Starter Class Guide--Not rogues thats for sure

    This statement is already self-defeating since if "any class" is "least effective" then there's no least among them at all. Meaning they all either suck, or doing fine, or suck at doing fine. Literally explained by the first item you read right after that large text saying "least effective something something etc. etc." Bear in mind this isn't something you can do effectively without going hybrid build. Not counting periodic stat reset, having a split even STR-DEX just to wear melee and bow at the ready is already a bad build in concept, much more in practice. And even if you'd opt to reset your stats for the sake of argument then it's not something a new character is willing to do. Investing in two different weapon sets and the zeny needed to reset your stats at your every whim is not something a new character will do. Fix your play style at either ranged or melee and stick to it. False. Increase HP Recovery is the best 1st job Passive skill. Flee has the disadvantage of being locked at 95% dodge rate no matter how high you stack them up, while a 100% increase in restorative items is a boon not many classes can have. Compare a Knight and a Rogue going AGI build and the Knight will have an easier time between the two, often consuming lesser meats in the process than the Rogue. Rest of the post derails from your initial notion that "everything sucks without proper gear", as bringing up Hunter being bad as a ranged class means Rogue is worse, if not the worst among all ranged classes, while simultaneously adding the cost of arrows as a point of concern for new Hunter players when it wasn't an issue if it was a Bow-Rogue-that-switches-to-melee-like-Dark-Souls. And "link" probably equates to internet connection, which should clear up other readers from assuming you meant Soul Link, which brings another interesting fact: Rogue Soul Link is the worst of them.