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  1. Hey everyone. Also, nice entries! I've been meaning to make a beef wellington as soon as I heard about it.
  3. A small query: Does it have to be strictly "baked"? I was thinking of something like crepes would be disqualified since making them wouldn't need an oven.
  4. My Wife for Hire


    What? That's it? A 3 minute video showing a subpar playstyle of a BB LK with illegal graymaps? No breakdown of equipments? Not even a simple split-second on-screen flash of your equipment tab showing what your character currently has equipped? Stat distribution? VIT? STR? DEX? INT for the lolz? Is this the LK with the slowest ASPD ever? Total cost of supposed equipment? What passes for cheap anyway? "Very fun"? How so? You're flinching at every single cell you walk on as those mobs whale on you, while the whole dungeon magically blinks to give you a breather. Or is it fun because of that lifesteal? Lifesteal is unneeded. And boring. And costs 40 TC if it's just 2 Sniper cards which should be a third of your gear cost if you want to pass of as "cheap". And it's boring. I-Can-Hear-Your-Mouse-Click: The Guide. Can't you at least get rid of the second client so we can focus on just one? Is this "guide" meant to leave everyone who clicks on the video with more questions than before they clicked it? Force them to ask questions that shouldn't need to be asked if it was an actual coherent guide in the first place? Or is this a new form of Click-bait? Get it? Because we were baited to the sound of the mouse clicking? No? Oh well. Does everyone miss out the fact that this subsection is named "Guides", or is this what passes off as a guide nowadays? Activate Windows. Go to settings to activate Windows. Rofl PUBG.
  5. Anyone else had that moment when you read your archaic post from the bronze age and just face palm, trying to stop the cringe from crawling on your back? This is totally not one of those moments. Nope. No sir. Not me.
  6. I say none. Bear in mind that arrow damage does not carry over to splash attacks. You're also wasting too many arrows to deal half the DPS you could do with one Sharp Shooting. And using cards with status effects would mean that some mobs will be more resistant to some types than others, either forcing you to card one bow with multiple status effects for a much lower chance for each to proc or buying several bows with 3 Savage Babe, Magnolia, or other cards each. And with Agi 99 Luk 90 but little to no Dex, I don't think it would work either way.
  7. Everything's fine except this one. TG doesn't stack with Baphomet.
  8. Hi friend. First, let me welcome you to TalonRO. I hope you can give this server a try and stay as an active member. Baphomet card does not stack with itself. Only one card works per player. You can stun mobs in the area of effect, as well as curse with the cards you just stated. Using multiple Savage Babe cards is up to you. It definitely increases the chance to stun.
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