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    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    Name: Patring Visual: Ginger furry||beardy poring with a green Magician Hat Drops: 125% Treasure Box (#7444) 175% Four Leaf Clover (#706) 10% Treasure Box (#7721) 5% Pipe (#2268) 1% Four Leaf Clover In Mouth (#5596) (optional) O'Riley the Leprechauns pet on the loose, after he sent him to gather his treasure boxes seems like little Patring lost his way to its master. Rumors say that you can encounter Patring only while holding a Treasure Box. IGN: Quite High Dude
  2. Xmailon

    Mascot Creation Contest

    Will you give extra credit if we use poporings?
  3. Xmailon

    The Yule Ball - You're Invited!

    Duh. It's so early. Well, since it's a ball and clothing is formal i expect hear songs like this tho
  4. Xmailon

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #54

    Oh. I guess I missed to read that part. So I guess I gotta create some nice scenes lol after all its been a year after I last played for real lol
  5. Xmailon

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #54

    My entry was invalid so if someone can remove this post
  6. Xmailon

    TalonRO Comic Event #3

    Well, this was the first thing crossed in my mind and i did it. I hope you like it but I'm afraid you won't lol IGN: Super High Dude or any other ***** High Dude Well, just realized that I forgot to remove that health bar in 1st frame lol
  7. Xmailon

    The Yule Ball - You're Invited!

    I have to go to my friends wedding that day =/ too bad