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  1. Infernatil

    àrt Corner Cupcakes ░ Closed

    Ahh sorry about my lateness, my laptop sort of blew up and I only got it back recently from repairs. ;_; Sending payment now. /hype
  2. Infernatil

    àrt Corner Cupcakes ░ Closed

    Ah that works. I'll have to make refs first though ;-;
  3. Infernatil

    àrt Corner Cupcakes ░ Closed

    Do you draw characters from outside Ragnarok? If yes I'd like a couple, if not a single half body drawing.
  4. Infernatil

    àrt Corner Cupcakes ░ Closed

    Slot please <3
  5. Infernatil

    Himitsu |

    Welcome back Himitsu! Missed your artsu ;_; 24, sky
  6. Infernatil

    Mitchi's artsu - 1 slot open

    69 please
  7. Infernatil

    Bifrost's...Canvas..? [Stream: OFF ]

    Would you accept a character from outside of Ragnarok? aka him: http://puu.sh/nTdCy/14433d1fde.png If not, here's one from RO:
  8. Infernatil

    Clary's Bootyshop [Full]

    Before sending refs, may I ask if you draw characters from outside of Ragnarok?
  9. Infernatil

    Ammy's Sweeties ~Waiting List up!~

    I'd like to be on the waiting list please. -too slow to camp slots-
  10. Infernatil

    Clary's Bootyshop [Full]

    Are you still open for slots by any chance? I'd like a slot if you are. Such a lovely style!
  11. Aw yiss I can't wait to show this to my friend Thank you Reira <3
  12. Infernatil

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    Ahhh you made her so cute ;_; Thanks a lot, I'm certainly enjoying this!
  13. Infernatil


    Oh dear that's.. glorious haha Thanks a lot for this. I love it lots.
  14. Infernatil

    Art Raffle!!! (Winner Announced)

    Such pretty art.. Enter me please