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  1. McKilly

    GMC DC Failsafe

    That arguement hardly works when you've changed it to being instanced some time ago despite it "working". Why does microsoft keep updating windows when 3.1 worked fine? Anyway it's really hard to talk about things ingame when you personally don't play the game anymore, if you'd join gmc on a regular basis you'd know dcing is hardly a non-issue and a lot of people would probably rather fail due to party wipe instead of people dcing over and over again. Also the thing you mentioned about not seeing Tickets on the matter is something that wouldn't even come to mind. Like what's gonna happen if people were to dc and send a support ticket on the matter? Are you gonna hand out the token and 50 cc to the 1 guy that dcd 4 times and bothered to send a ticket even though the dc made the party unaible to complete the gmc? This Friday some gmc party had half or more of their members dcing, they went onto discord and yelled on main and got ignored. How would a support ticket have helped here? I'll stop here because this suggestion seems to have been stomped. I'd really like to get an answer on the ticket thing though, because that might prompt people to actually send support tickets if it's gonna be worth it.
  2. McKilly

    GMC DC Failsafe

    I mean if the option were implemented and someone that dcs intentionally chooses to return using a Ticket when it's not needed because the party inside is still alive, then you'd know said player is some kinda troll and not invite him again. Well if the script would somehow break easily then there's nothing to be done I guess, thanks anyway. Ok so 99% of the server will probably hate this idea (and me for even telling you this) but I'll throw it out there anyway. If tickets were actually meant for dcs like you said they were, why not give unlimited/ or way more Tickets and make the gmc end if you wipe like how it's done in wave.
  3. McKilly

    GMC DC Failsafe

    Well I can't argue against this statement, but this pretty much means everyone with unstable network should be excluded from the GMC content. I didn't say it can.
  4. McKilly

    GMC DC Failsafe

    That wasn't my point though, if people dc or whatever they have to use Tickets, which we only get 3 and should be meant for party wipes. And plugging your cable out on purpose doesn't give you any advantage if your just gonna spawn back dead on the map.
  5. McKilly

    GMC DC Failsafe

    Was mentioned in discord suggestions before but probably got lost in the spam that happened then. As the game probably cant differentiate between disconnects or forced closing I'd suggest giving 2 options to the npc in case you come back for gmc. The first one being to come back using a ticket like we have now. The second one, like mentioned, spawning inside the map dead and not use up a ticket. There's a command iirc that nukes a single player so maybe that can be worked into the script? You will probably also have to dispell people upon entering that room, to negate any abuse of kaizel food or the like as well as make it impossible to use items in the room (which might already be the case, I can't remember). It's just really annoying to fail because some people keep using Tickets when it's their connection that's having troubles. Players shouldn't be punished for that in my opinion.
  6. McKilly

    GMC Tokens across Accounts

    @Fifiyou can use this tracker someone in our community made to keep track of tokens and cool-downs more easily. http://tcalc.github.io/gmc/
  7. McKilly

    Feedback on Mid-April Patch

    Last time I checked this was the proper place to share feedback. Edit: Saen also mentioned to post feedback regarding live gm-held events here, so that's not correct either?
  8. McKilly

    Feedback on Mid-April Patch

    Sorry but your first sentence doesn't make sense, you can't get the exact respawn time of MVPs even with those tools. And changing the times doesn't prevent the use of those tools at all, even on guiderz.com you can just add custom MVPs and custom times. Also what do you think people use killannounce for, anyone who is into mvping notes down mvp deaths, whether that be on guiderz.com, discord, notepad or anything else. If that update really was supposed to tackle that instead of "balancing out the playing field a little bit more and making the game more fun and fair to everyone" as mentioned in the update notes, which as I stated in my initial feedback I also don't think it did, I hate to break it to you but that didn't work out. I get that you are doing all this in your free time, however I don't see the point of rolling out a half baked update on this given there's no urgency, since people are just going to continue noting down mvp deaths in whatever way. I'd also like it if you didn't lock this immediately again so others can share their opinion as well as said before, unless of course you don't want people to give feedback.
  9. McKilly

    Feedback on Mid-April Patch

    So the patch with the QoL update of MVP-Time changes was implemented to "balance out the playing field a little bit more and make the game more fun and fair to everyone". I and a lot of other players don't really see how increasing the spawn-range of MVPs tackles these things. All it does is make you waste even more time teleporting/scouting that map. Not like our custom Valk/ Wounded range wasn't enough already, this is really just discouraging. If you wanted things to be more fair and fun why didn't you just remove the range altogether so MVPs just insta spawn and it'd boil down to a direct competition instead of a scouting contest. Not that I'd have changed the 10 minute range anyway. All in all this update just benefits the people who are used to camping anyway. Ok, so the new spawn-range aside, something that should really be addressed is if you come up with an update like that the database should be updated along with it and not later. People obviously wonder what the new times are, as seen on forums/ ingame or discord. While Seiren was so nice to answer some questions regarding new mvp times, that shouldn't be how players should have to find out. I mean it's not like you needed to adjust that right then, you could've waited until you were ready to roll out the update as a whole, including the database entry change. There have been updates in the past where items/ rates changed and the db wasn't updated along with it, that's why I thought I'd just bring that up once more. People often boast about how TalonRo has its own db on the control panel, which is awesome honestly, often you hear right after that it's not up to date though. I'd like to hear opinions from others as well, as it's been over a month since the update and people have some experience now.
  10. Your title doesn't seem to match the content of your suggestion as you can solo all the mentioned places and not require a party. Monsters that do require a party to kill give enough exp already imo (GMC Bosses for example).
  11. Theres actually quite some cards that have little to no use. Some people do however use them. These suggestions tend to pop up every now and then, the reason mostly being that someone got a hold of said card and can't seem to sell it for a reasonable price. And not because of the cards effect or else people wouldn't ask for a single not that popular card to be changed. I also wouldn't change cards/any item based on popularity, because sometimes people just don't know its use (yet). Effect seems fine, wouldn't change it.
  12. McKilly

    Help with Star Gladiator

    I'd start with gallions. Great place to get exp for lower levels and the card is needed for Evang iirc. Ice dungeon south then west. Just gotta be careful cause Atroce also roams the map.
  13. McKilly

    TalonRO Rants

    meanwhile bragi still affects things like normal hits and asura
  14. McKilly

    Super novice spirit

    Never heard about this to be honest. I've played servers before renewal was even out and Super Novice Spirit always had the Level Requirements afaik. https://irowiki.org/classic/Super_Novice_Spirit
  15. McKilly


    Let the regrowth begin