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  1. 18/03/2018

    Let the regrowth begin
  2. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Does everyone compete for the same 18 MVPs or does every party get warped to their own map?
  3. MVPs in the instance have lower drop rate compared to the normal ones.
  4. Enchanted Mage Coat [1]

    Can we get admin input here please >___<
  5. Let's improve TalonRO!

    I actually thought discord helped a lot instead. People have way too many chars to all stuff them into their main social/woe/whatever guild. So by joining discord you can easily know if someones on, without that person to actually be on the guilded char or pming all his alts.
  6. Odin's Temple Excavation - Need Help

    Back when I did it it was apparently bugged too and I had to wait for a server reboot to continue the quest. Either continue trying, wait until the monthly reboot or bug some staff member about it I guess.
  7. Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Did you say lolis?
  8. ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [closed]

    my numba 0803
  9. Enchanted Mage Coat [1]

    *bumps* Just found this has been suggested before, as mentioned in discord yesterday: Pretty much same thought as OP
  10. Gossip Raven Quest

    You should never rely on statpoints from a mid gear for a Champ Tank, anyone suggesting that Mid just doesn't know any better. And what's even worse with Gossip Raven is that the Ruwach might actually trigger at worst times possible. All in all this Mid is hardly worth getting at all, if you have it good, if not you won't miss out on anything.
  11. Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Your reserve price was neither hidden nor secret. If you're gonna quote ebay at least show the full explanation. Source
  12. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    Did you actually test this in ET? Cause I'm pretty sure you haven't been in Thors to kill Ifrit. Or is that statement just a theoretical calc assumption? It's one thing if you have like a guild/ group of friends that'd accept the def build instead of the usual sb tank or whatever, but don't expect randoms to accept you into their runs using a wonky build like that. And while it may be doable in a closed off space like ET or maybe other instances I'm pretty sure it's not in dungeons where other mobs can teleport/ spawn on you or against competition. Also if you have to spam SW on your def tank why bother getting that high def anyway. All in all I wouldn't recommend going for it if you don't have other classes decked out already, because a def pally alone won't get you anywhere. Depends on the monsters. Hell Flys are boss protocol, hillslions are not yea.
  13. MVP time table?

    If you get the bonus bundle from the reward guru you'll have the !killannounce command available, giving you an announcement when mvps die. The downtime for each mvp you can find in the database on the controlpanel.
  14. Discord bot and GMC tracker

    thenk pain de lune