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  1. McKilly

    CH (Coming Halmost)

  2. McKilly

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Does everyone compete for the same 18 MVPs or does every party get warped to their own map?
  3. McKilly

    Champ VS Biolab3?

    use wind rsx against snipers and if you want to kill them all consider using turtle general cards, eddga shoes help too there's only 1 natural spawned lvl 99 of each mob so if you want bio to be "cleaner" you kill them every now and then to make farming easier
  4. McKilly

    CH (Coming Halmost)

    Hi, I'm interested in joining CH, the time slot of the guild pretty much aligns with my online time too. My IGN is 0803 you might remember me from Aegis as Killy You can also reach me on discord Killy#7322
  5. McKilly

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    So feedback. Wave Challenge Changes I did it once before, left it alone since there weren't actual benefits from it and it just cost resources. So with the addition of prizes this might actually be pretty cool. Then again if this gets really popular, you'll have to make it an instance or make more rooms, because if I recall right only 1 party can enter so far and other partys have to wait until they are finished. Nice update. Game Master Challenge (GMC) Changes I always liked GMC so adding in GMC Gemini and more prizes is just awesome. Thanks! ^ This would be nice too, or making it an instance. Minigame Additions, Boosts, and Changes Never really cared for minigames. Poeple who like minigames will like this. I just don't think this can really compensate for the solo grind nerf. Star Gladiator Feeling Reset NPC Has been requested for ages good to finally have it. Treasure Porings/ The Ginnunggap This seems like a straight out copy of Diablos Goblins and the Treasure Realm right? Don't really know what to think about this yet, price for the Kaho will be ridiculous I guess. Daily Spin Makes people log in daily and get free stuff. I like it. I would however like it even more if you just login and it immediately pops up instead of having an acual npc for it. Orc Memory Instance More drops and level cap removed. Vanilla mode making it more challenging. Nice! Gameplay Edits I don't do Geffenia or sleepers nor do I have a def pally. I am still upset over the nerf though. People that put the time and money into actually getting these awesome gears are pretty much ****** now. When I heard new content I was really hoping for this ^ and not more costumes and changes to already existing stuff.
  6. hallooooo, trick17 (früher endstation) ist sehr aktiv, wir machen alles ET, TT, GMCs, Seals, Abra Partys, MVPs. Kannst uns ja ma in Brasilis oder auf TS 3 ( pw: endstation) besuchen.