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  1. Also, HBQ monsters will get a lot easier to kill once you get enough money for GEC. Once you have GEC, you can DS everything and kill them much faster than just auto attacks.
  2. There's lots of other threads about this, but my opinion is that your gear priority is as follows: 1. GEC Shoes/Sandals - 15M 2. Lord Kaho Horns - 53M 3. Everything else GEC Shoes give you basically unlimited SP, which allows you to kill things with Double Strafe rather than auto-attacking. This makes your farming a whole lot faster and you gain zeny a lot quicker. GEC Shoes should definitely be your first purchase, in my opinion. After that, Lord Kaho Horns are the way to go. They're quite expensive and the zeny grind can be rough, but 53M for +60 stats is an insane value and almost every class in the game benefits from having it. Past that, it kinda depends how you want to build your Sniper. I would recommend you research the forums to see what build sounds most attractive to you (Sharpshooting, Double Strafing, and 190 aspd auto attacker and the main builds, though I believe there's some gear overlap depending how you go). Also, don't forget to do the Hunting Board Quests. You can earn up to 175 Bronze Coins every week doing them and you can rent a Rental Ballista for 110 BC. Rental Ballista is one of the best bows in the game, allows you to use other elemental arrows without losing damage like Burning Bow and, most importantly, is available for free if you devote the time to do the quests. You can even party up with other folks doing the quests and receive credit for killing the monsters if you're on-screen when they die. This wiki article isn't the best, but it has some good knowledge and tips in it. Hopefully it helps. https://wiki.talonro.com/Sniper_-_General_Frost's_Comprehensive_Guide
  3. My apologies, I probably should've been more specific. At some point, I will likely make a weapon that's more suitable for Thor and maybe even DG (a +10 Katana with AKx4 seems really sweet for both places), but right now I'm loving the fact that I can kill huge mobs at 190 aspd with Bapho. I specifically picked VF because most mobby places aren't boss-type, so the def. bypass procs, and I will likely be staying in these types of mobby places for awhile. So is there a card that would be fairly versatile for the type of mobbing that I've been doing?
  4. So what card would you recommend instead for a +4 Bapho VF? I'd prefer it to be as versatile as possible, as I've been bouncing around between Juperos 1, Rachel Sanctuary, and a few other mobby spots. I see that something like TG won't work. Would Phreeoni be a good choice to free up more stat points for Str? The most common card I see with Bapho is Doppel, but I'm not sure if I wanna invest in that just to be safe from debuffs (I just won't farm there instead), unless Doppel would keep me at 190 aspd even with Decrease Agi? Any suggestions?
  5. I know, it's another thread about Sniper Card and Berserk, but I'm hoping this is more of an original question. I've seen many threads talking about how Sniper Card does indeed work while using Berserk, but is it actually worth it to use? I'm currently running an LK with a +4 Bapho VF and fairly stock gear (Kaho, 1x Celeb - working on 2, Devi SoV, Vanberk mid, TG Fire Armor, Pirate Dagger, and GEC Shoes) and I've been debating on putting a Sniper Card on it. My issue is, will it actually gain enough life when mobbing to be worth the investment? As it stands right now, I have to relog between every big mob or two and I'm hoping that Sniper Card will help stretch that out a bit. I've searched around but haven't really been able to find an answer that I found satisfactory. It's a big investment to make, though, so I'd rather get the opinion of folks who have played LKs longer than I have. What do you guys think?
  6. Are you guys still recruiting? My main is currently a 93/60 Sniper that's looking for a good guild. I'm a bit tired of solo play and am hoping to be able to do some end-game stuff, as I've never gotten to experience it before.
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