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  1. Thanks a lot for the artsu Kurai-san, dat shibeee!!
  2. I'll throw myself into your 1st slot Kurai-san
  3. Hmm just wondering if I were to run at 4K res, will the Ui becomes too small to see?
  4. I do not want shib to meet the same fate as snowie.
  5. Waw dis coon got the SNOWIE FOX
  6. I see, this coon has opened a few bahxzes
  7. M a s h i` Desu

    S: Stuffs

    How much are you even trying to sell kiriri *-* Just poking
  8. M a s h i` Desu

    S: Stuffs

    Rainbow Sig *drool*
  9. pokes CUTIEMARO ❤️

    1. Askein


      Be aware Mashu, if you don't want to find yourself in a cellar.

    2. Naght


      my cellar has free fast wifi and unli sweets... can add dog food too :3

    3. M a s h i` Desu
  10. Happy Birthday Fumi-dono


    1. fumiddition


      THE CUTEST LOOOL thank you mashi!!
      imagines your cute bb shiba aw

  11. M a s h i` Desu

    Cyan Costumes

    My doggo is open to any of these items as donation
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