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  1. Account bound costumes

    Tripru yes plz
  2. Player Pets ♥

    Here's my Le doge with his pose.
  3. S/T> Rainbow Sigrun to Walking Shiba doge

    b u m p
  4. S/T> Aria Headdress Costume

    I will trade my Rainbow Potato for your GTH
  5. S/T> Aria Headdress Costume

    dis coon luck '--'
  6. S/T> Aria Headdress Costume

    Waw coon wai u getting rid of your gth
  7. waw.. i guess GM Pheonix rly did take in consideration of the Doge idea. Thanks GMs./ene 

  8. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Not sure if dats a grill or a guy. My guess will be Astolfo.