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  1. hello every have a nice day lol




  2. Price is 125m or pm me or note me for offer ~Biohazard~
  3. Raphael~


    B>OA+7 [D,B,SN,SN]=75m pm me IGN: KrampuS~
  4. Raphael~

    Zerk LK

    @AishaVP and @Azgrim thank you guys^_^
  5. Raphael~

    Zerk LK

    HI everyone I want to try this berserk LK and try in thor dun1 i having problem on my weapon what to use my weapon is VF no card yet and 2hand sword with 3slot i forgot the name sorry.... and last is those sniper card work with berserk?? pls help ohh by the way my gear is LKH Str vanberk pirate dagger Fire armor[TGK] weapon idk what to use Shoes[gec] going tanee if needed SOV[devi] 2x brad.ring[mantis] cant afford sqi item yet
  6. where can i get the code for tamtam tiki bar
  7. sorry about the OA and thank you for the help
  8. So hi first and I really need your help with my WS going magma what is the gear and card I need to farm in magma dungeon 2 my gear for now is N.LKH Gec shoes +7 OA [DBSnSNSn] and str mid [vanberk] what is the other gear I need to farm in magma question: do I need to sell my N.LKH and get rideword [Vanberk]?? and yes i'm going for vamp smith
  9. Raphael~


    still have the AO ??
  10. so the title said it all can you help me
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