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  1. SoulGobler

    Tam Tam's Tiki Bar | Prize Giveaway

    anybody keeping track of what items are on each day?
  2. SoulGobler

    Community Appreciation Week!

    made a new novice on new players account, still cant get the prompt. been trying over an hour. edit lol checked his sin character who already has the item in inventory.... problem solved.....
  3. SoulGobler

    Community Appreciation Week!

    Having trouble getting a new player his headgear. can you describe the method. older player is by cell activation walking over a cell for costume. not sure how new players get the wig. Job changing?
  4. SoulGobler

    The Yule Ball - You're Invited!

    GMs, could you explain more about how to access the radio station? Also, maybe start another topic with a link (coming from this topic) to post more music request?
  5. SoulGobler

    Halloween Login Screen Contest!

    I like some of these screens, really good drawing. But some just have too many colors for the palette. Aquas colors are ok. Cynischism and Athena's colors give me headaches to look at. Too bright too many. But still good art. My fav so far is that deviruchi's eatting candy, by wandering flower. That is a great loading screen. Easy to look at. 8)