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  1. (glances at our names and character appearances) ... This might get a little confusing ^^;;

    Welcome to the talonro team!! I like your name /rice

    1. GM Alura

      GM Alura

      Thank you!! I appreciate the warm welcomes and I definitely love your name! It's so aluring.../gg

    2. Aluria
    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      Reported for GM impersonation 😦

  2. all of the entries are looking great makes me wanna collect all these mobs as pets
  3. Hi,i want to calcute my dmg with assasin on sleeper,but i don't see in Party Buffs or anything buffs on Assasin the Fire Endow on the weapon by the sage,please can you repair it?

    1. Aluria


      I'm not a GM, so i can't help you. ^^;;

      you can find the list of GMs here.

      you could also ask for help in the technical support forums.

  4. ajsdlf this entry is so freakin' good!! it was so clever to use the ro plants for the challenge
  5. (lies down) pretty sure i met all the basic requirements, but remind me if i didn't IG: Aluria Stille (Priest) challenges:
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