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  1. Yeeeeeee! Starlight. Oh yeah gotta make a request right.
  2. Goddamn it, I just realised I won't be able to attend the Starlight Soirée Hell! I'm not in town on the 30th! *Pissed off pirate*
  3. Very late for a recc, but I thought... this would be fitting because I want you all to ''Burn'' with joy at the Yule Ball Or
  4. Thank ye, Matey Howl ! Oh and to do the spoiler is very easy Kaigami, there's an option when you write a message atop the smileys *Sp*.
  5. Aye lads and lasses, so here is my entry... a ballad, or poem, or whatever ye wishes to call it. It's in honor o' Reion, for a little Bromance never hurts. Oh yeah, it's not 1000 words, but it's mainly for fun rather than win.
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