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  1. Well I request ... a Harvest. By Opeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm5jm2joxuY Or what about a Dance? ... a Dance Macabre? By Ghost.
  2. Well Well Well... By Neptune's thick manhood! Yer back from the realm of hiatus.

    I sure am glad to see you 'round again Reion! Hope ye'll be enjoyin' yer stay with us
    once more! Welcome back lad!

    1. yujinori


      So I think its safe to assume that you're quite familiar with Neptune's manhood, eh Cap'n?

    2. Hazzarr


      One could say that... Wasn't easy to drag around as a trophy. I'll tell you this much ;-)

    3. TK Rayon

      TK Rayon

      Thank you cap'n! :D <3


  3. Well glad to see ye back on duty lad!

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    2. SkyeReed


      Hiya GM Azul! didn't know you till I saw this hehe I hope to see yah soon GM Azul! <3

    3. GM Lance
    4. KhimmyXD


      Leggo party o/ Azul is back <3

  4. Yeeeeeee! Starlight. Oh yeah gotta make a request right.
  5. Finished your fanart... ;>


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Munsoe


      Lol.. in a blink of eye, i read it as "finish your fart..."


      Pardon me..:P

    3. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      Had to think about the Frozen scene "We finish each others...." "... sandwiches!" 
      Which, with you here, just now filled in with "each others farts."
      Imagine that being the new #relationshipgoals.

    4. Munsoe


      Couples that farts together, stay together, longer.. lol

  6. I dig the hat...

  7. Wasn't that akward.

    1. Arya


      ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

  8. Hey Saen, long time no kill. ;)

  9. Goddamn it, I just realised I won't be able to attend the Starlight Soirée Hell! I'm not in town on the 30th! *Pissed off pirate*
  10. <3 Tried to drink as much as you. I think I failed.

    1. Hazzarr


      LOL well at least you tried! That's good no ?

    2. Nissha


      Only I don't remember making this comment. LOL. So I would say yes?

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