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  1. *Lights up a cig & pops open a bottle* I don't know... Everything seems fine to me. But then again... I ain't sober much.
  2. Hazzarr

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    But the doodles rose to life and took over the ship...
  3. Hazzarr

    Players you miss, and why?

    That's some serious Necro-ing
  4. Hazzarr

    Pictures Of Players

    *Laughs* You're a funny one.
  5. GewenG the 1st of his name, destroyer of forums, legend of TRO, breaker of threads and king of the last post!
  6. Sometimes... I drink. Only sometimes.
  7. Hazzarr

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    So he thought... Neither, I'll just start an Ice cream shop and bring back joy to this land. After the first day...
  8. Hazzarr

    How old are you?

    Yay part of the vast majority. I'm not sure why that is good but whatever.
  9. Hazzarr

    I feel fat

    Are you Sassy though ?
  10. Hazzarr

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: Immortality, I want to see how the world will change... I don't need to be super strong and whatnot. Q: What's your favourite alcohol?
  11. Hazzarr

    Comment About The Person Above You

    Band that changed for the worse over the years #WhyUNoPlayRainLive
  12. Hazzarr

    Bored, Posting Picture of my Son's Room Set Up

    That pirate setup... Amazing.
  13. Hazzarr

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    So he sat down in the fresh luscious grass with a bottle of whiskey.