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  1. I always wear my heart on my.... eyepatch. I also believe in harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan. And world peace! Original screenshot (if you want that) IGN Saniteli
  2. Day 1 We have gathered as many pairs of animals as possible. The ark may be too small. Day 2 The animals are growing restless. We have brought them games to entertain them, but fear this might not be enough to keep them occupied. Day 3 Our attempts to keep them complacent have failed. The animals on the ark have staged a coup. IGN Saniteli
  3. We are always looking for fun and talkative people to join us on our escapades! It doesn't matter if you are new to the server or a pro at Ragnarok Online in general, we just want good attitudes and a willingness to learn. Hello and thanks for checking out Nenkaras! Let’s start off with some of the basic information. If you're interested in joining our guild apply through the guild directory or on our website. You may also contact one of the following members: Guild leaders Fenarel Saniteli Aresh Lacrimosella Officers Kirigiri Kyouko Dorrin Blackstaff CavalierAmelia (Camel) Oslon (aka Yev) Luna Beam Stylistics (Svartalfheim) Ruitea Forum Guru Ninja Cou Need help finding us? TalonRO history of Nenkaras Nenkaras was founded on this server by Venura in August of 2011. The name “Nenkaras” is a reference to the Nenkaras Inn that we sit next to and our guild emblem is based off of the fleur de lis found in Izlude Arena. Leadership of the guild was transferred from Venura to Fenarel and Saniteli in January of 2013. Link to the original thread by Venura. What we do We afk... a lot... Well, okay, that’s not all we do. You can count on us for interesting conversations and a wealth of information! There are leveling parties that usually go to Thor3, Bio3, Juperos Core, and Dimensional Gorge. We have events for holidays and we also have random movie nights. We’ve had dance parties, novice games, and “OMFG that’s a lot of dead branches” parties. Sometimes there are hocus parties and sealed shrine parties, but those need some prompting. In the past we've had 2 weekly ET runs but now we do wave challenge, irregular ET, seals as needed, bakonawa/malaya instances. If you do choose to join us, you are encouraged to try to organize anything you want or ask if we can do it. Lots of things happen in the moment! Guild Rules 1. Obey server rules. 2. Be respectful of people in or out of guild. 3. Keep your main/most active character in guild. 4. If possible, please give notice before taking an extended break. 5. Please be social. Events of 2012 Events of 2013 Events for 2014 Events for 2015
  4. Greed can get you in trouble. IGN Saniteli
  5. My favorite RO couple under the mistletoe in Lutie. My in-game name is Saniteli. (I edited this... played with the background a bit to make it look... less like the original screenshot?)
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