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  1. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Just for up :v
  2. Latif

    Christmas Cards Winners!

    M(_ _)M Thank you very much Hope all GMs and players have amazing holidays
  3. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    posting wip because no order yet :,)
  4. Latif

    Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    IGN : Reidar Happy holidays a month in advance guys I hope I'm not misrepresent xmas in any way, I don't celebrate it, u see... I don't have time to think about the GM challenge, so i went with GM lance-san (coincidentally), I won't mind if turns out it doesn't fit. Anyway, take good care of your health guys, don't get sick, it's not pleasant...
  5. Latif

    Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    I'll play this next time I farm in toy factory I will get 10m there listening to this :v
  6. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    kay man! I'll wait man! xD hey ray, thanks so this is your forum name I'm waiting for you to buy
  7. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Ey ;D want some??? Thank you man! Wanna buy one?
  8. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Up for new rules GM please notice me
  9. 4 days before november 5th and my art shop's still empty T_T

  10. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Gosh... this style is so much fun yet so hard... Here's step by step if anyone's interested
  11. Latif

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Hey, want to ask, do I have to call dips first or first come first serve kinda thing?
  12. Happy Halloween to those celebrate it :D

    I am so excited about the Loading screen contest though :v I wonder when they will announce the winner :D

  13. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    this too
  14. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Forgot to post these
  15. Latif

    Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    You're a beast, dude... O_O