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  1. Latif

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    hope you like it
  2. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Of course you can pm me the informations and send me the 10m payment up front to get the slots
  3. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

  4. Latif

    GTX 1070 blur issue!

    I had the same issue with 960, it seems that great VGA doesn't do great on talonRO (I said talonRO because i tried other server, and they don't have this issue) try this https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/166172-partially-resolved-when-your-graphics-card-is-too-good-for-ro/ basically what you need to do is try to open program with UAC --> click cancel --> then move to talonRO screen again.
  5. Latif

    Stealth's Artbox [Closed Indefinitely]

    Great mood setting T_T greetings from S.E.A as well
  6. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Thank you @Nefertina ♥! Such kind words Hope you'll come again!
  7. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    @jessu I'll be waiting, tell me if you've decided
  8. Latif

    Latif's Art Thread

    Latif's Art Thread IGN : 1. Al-Latif 2. Eilif Dumping Art because I love this forum If you want to buy commission from me, leave a comment or send me a PM, that'd be fun You can post critique, or anything here, even your own artwork if you want We can discuss or whatever :v I'll post something from time to time to get this thread going, I'm still here in talonro forum and won't going anywhere (even though I'm not playing tRO atm) Past commissions
  9. Latif

    dead thread

    You have such unique style your coloring's awesome
  10. whoa it's the same problem i have O_O so seiren, is the only solution is to leave the guild? Edit: oh i haven't tried to make my other account's character in a guild tho
  11. Latif

    Very weird lag

    Sorry took so loong to reply, I added a video that can help you to understand this lag
  12. Latif

    Emote not showing up properly

    The UAC one, I have to run some software as administrator and then just cancel it. It's kinda troublesome because I have to do it everytime I play, but meh at least it worked
  13. Latif

    Very weird lag

    Gonna redo this question because i got more information that hopefully will help me to get some answer so... I got this very weird lag that only happening with ONE character, not account, but character. few weeks ago, it occured on my sinX character, so i thought it was probably some skill bugs (like backsliding too many times, idk why i thought about that) so, i changed my character (not to be mistaken to rollback) to sniper, which is doing fine until few days back. This sniper is in the same account as my sinX After few thinking and researching, I understand that these two characters had several similarity, which: 1. They were part of a guild 2. They were on the same account as weird as it sounds (i can't even believe myself), those 2 things are the only things that link these two characters. I haven't tried to be part of a guild with my other account thou... link below is a video that i hope can help you guys to understand what's the lag like.
  14. Latif

    Emote not showing up properly

    It really worked!! Thank you very much for take some time to google and answer this I really appreciate it! thank you!