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  1. AppleHead

    Unrestricted Champion Tournament

    Wau this is Kool man, betting my eggplants on ragnarONE
  2. AppleHead

    Himitsu |

    I never good with mascots ^^; cute little things just too hard to create kwim?!(#excusesQQ) Back in the contest, you mention that Aide and Moo are on a different level? Yeah those buggers definitely a big threat... but know this... Back then, I've been locking my eyes on you the whole time! ......and that mako with egg shell ....and that pirate rock you know what im trying to say right?lol. Congratulations. and GG to all. ps: why would GM lock the result topic? feels like intruding your home just to shake your hand ^^; pps: do not let your guard down tho, cus i might get u next time /gg
  3. AppleHead

    Mascot Creation Contest

    My entry, potato (not her real name) the combat kafra. feat.Norman Reedus Will post transparent back ground soon ;; ign: AppleHead
  4. AppleHead

    Mascot Creation Contest

    Is there such thing as angeling pet ? :3
  5. AppleHead

    Thanksgiving Event 2013

    I seem to able to boost the boosted hat when passed it to my other char from different game account, but the hat is boosted when being passed back. is this a bug?