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  1. 1500 words comic, please, yas HAHAHA
  2. If you know about tamtam daily giveabouts... Day 1 - EXP Manual (25%) (Refer below)
  3. Thanks for organising such a fun and hilarious contest GMs! (we totally need a new meme thread to showcase our creative juices)
  4. On a typical levelling day at Glast Heim Prison... Meme entry : Second pic, IGN: Fearah
  5. Not sunday, as stated in the post?
  6. Every donation will be under a specific in-game name. I believe your first USD20 will earn you a surprise box. If you top up another USD30 (regardless under the same IGN) will earn you a surprise box + pet. I suggest donating USD50 at one go if you are planning to get the costume.
  7. Thank you GMs for your initiative and support for this earthquake relief Nepal really needs our help, please take a read if you're still uncertain if you want to join this cause: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/05/06/magazine/06Mag-Everest.html?_r=0 And when we thought things couldn't get any worse... http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/05/04/monsoons-could-bring-disease-second-crisis-to-nepal-unicef-says/ If you do not have the means to donate via TalonRo, no worries, you can help by askihg your parents and friends to donate via other means (I donated via the Red Cross Society) I will be making my donation via TRO later tonight. Money is nothing to saving a life: Make a difference! Thank you all and god bless us!
  8. All the entries are amazing especially Talone ( OMG SUPER KAWAII >.< !! ) The larger size one is the parent? Haha let me ride it home /ok
  9. Yeap. The normal scarfs also looks weird with mounts on;they are positioned on our hips area. Whatever it is, they're still lovely as eva Also, approximately when will TRO spring begins? Feb?
  10. IGN: ~Alex~ 1/12/2014 1. Taekwon Ranker Versus Star Gladiator - The Battle Begins! 2. Pre-Wedding Chaos or Excitement? xD 3. Warper NPC, where are you?!
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