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  1. Fifi

    Comment About The Person Above You

    pvp loser
  2. Fifi

    GMC DC Failsafe

    Personally, I think increasing the tickets to 5 will significantly improve the situation 😊 thx boreas and seiren!
  3. Fifi

    GMC DC Failsafe

    A lot of parties are disallowing the members to enter the party upon disconnect. My GMC team last night has 2 people disconnected in Saen level 1. We struggled till Level 3 and wiped, thereafter getting our 2 members to enter. Our team eventually failed because of the lack of time. This happens quite regularly in some GMC team because the team leader/member is afraid that the disconnect will repeat itself again (since the cause is unknown). There is the "Dont use the ticket until you get the permission " culture. And on the other hand, there are also inconsiderate players who use all 3 tickets for themselves. It frustrates me because the current system is unfair. Those disconnected get to enjoy and relax at the lobby, and the remaining party members have to take over their roles. Is it possible to drop the character into a cell that triggers death (like the dropholes in leaf cat dungeon level 1?)
  4. Fifi

    GMC Tokens across Accounts

    Suggesting to have a NPC to feed and count our tokens. (Alternatively, if the tokens can be made tradeable across accounts) Its quite a hassle to track what tokens each account has. I thought itll be neater and fair for players to have a central collection system.
  5. Fifi

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Finally, the Queen of Payon, a peace-maker, returned to settle the disputes amongst the members. With a demure smile, she announced...
  6. what is the best offer for MP(red glasses/int?) and MP card?
  7. Fifi

    LATE NIGHT SALE !! Part II : Updated !

    proxy skin, discord:Fifi#2715
  8. Fifi

    Custom Storage Tabs

    wow that'd be so convenient
  9. Fifi

    GMC (wave?) Rewards Expansion

    There are new additions to the GMC rewards and of course, many people still vouch to go for the extremely rare vicious aura costumes. As a regular GMC player, I just gradually lose my motivation to GMC, because 90% of the items are over-saturated in the market. Some items even go as low as 1m and not get sold. Basically, it is not value for money for the majority of the player. (Of course ideally, itll be best to revamp the current boxes. Shouldnt GMC/TWC Boxes> Monthly Boxes to begin with? The first 2 boxes deserve to get more or at least equal attention and update/modification) Separate Reward System I am suggesting to introduce an alternative reward system by adding another NPC to offer exclusive GMC costumes that are non-tradeable. These costumes are GURANTEED, unlike boxes. This would: - attract players to gear themselves for end-game PvM - entertain the veterans - most importantly, this will not affect the economy/market price - does not restrict players to open normal GMC/Wave boxes; its your choice: are you a risk seeker or averse? In the event this suggestion gets approved (hopefully), some additional pointers to consider: Costumes claim on all accounts using Lutie's Vending Machine Different costumes require different ingredients (no boxes, because if you get the same costume, it would be useless) Can even tie this idea to promote wave challenge: Super rare costumes require 25,000 wave points in addition to the GM items Costumes list to change every 2 months (eg. Costume List A is for Month January and February, and so on) -> Get people to hurry and not miss the deadline, else you have to wait for next year. Of course, for this to work, the costumes have to be attractive enough get people start gearing for GMC and Wave, TalonRO's finest customs and strengths. Well, I guess this is something the veterans can look forward too. 100 tokens, 100k wave points for Blue Vicious Aura Costume OK LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS PLEASE GIVE A LIKE IF YOU SUPPORT
  10. Fifi

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Wao i guess its a bug to be fixed. Not bad to have 1 for each character But it could be a waste of storage space since they cant be removed/sold.
  11. Fifi

    Allow hairstyles to be shared across accounts

    Kind of unfair for those who already did multiple times to get the nth hairstyle. However, that random system will be good for future sets of new hairstyles in my opinion
  12. Fifi

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Thanks Cassy AND OMG 24 CENDRA FEATHERS *pulls hair*
  13. Fifi

    B> +0-8 Book of the dead