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  1. oh wao a fellow singaporean o/

  2. Does anyone listen to any Ragnarok Music Playlist? :wub:

    1. pensiunom


      do you know Anolian Skinhead?

    2. Fifi


      Noshi, care to share ? /fsh 

    3. pensiunom
  3. What were the last (1 or) 2 costumes?
  4. Is it going to be forum bound with the impending implemention of the sharing of account bount costumes??
  5. /dum Potato nuget= Fea

    1. Fifi


      LOL nice display pic

    2. ~Lunox


      Hahah~ thx xD

  6. 1500 words comic, please, yas HAHAHA
  7. If you know about tamtam daily giveabouts... Day 1 - EXP Manual (25%) (Refer below)
  8. Thanks for organising such a fun and hilarious contest GMs! (we totally need a new meme thread to showcase our creative juices)
  9. On a typical levelling day at Glast Heim Prison... Meme entry : Second pic, IGN: Fearah
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