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  1. T>Crunch toast pcb to my cbgum ><
  2. Fifi

    B>+8-9 Book of Charms[1]

    PM offer, please do not OP. Or you can leave mail Fea-kun, will revert shortly
  3. Fifi

    B>Sleip[LT], FA 3int[1]

    97m 25m Still looking for seller!
  4. Fifi

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    This is me! One word to describe myself, Kawaii HAHAHAH *shameless max LOLS* And posting on behalf of my friend, one word he described himself to be, "Sexy".
  5. Fifi

    Sale> Peony and Costumes!

    bump (revended)
  6. Fifi

    Sale> Peony and Costumes!

    bump (revended)
  7. Fifi

    Sale> Peony and Costumes!

    bump (vended)
  8. Fifi

    Sale> Peony and Costumes!

    You can leave your negotiated offers through forum pm. Trades with equips are cool too. Thanks Peony Hat Costume (PM Offer) and Vendlist:
  9. Fifi

    Tenth Anniversary Banner Contest

    Wow that is really creative
  10. Fifi

    BnB Art shop (2 Slots Open!!! )

    OMG loving that so much
  11. Fifi

    TalonRO Valentines Stories

    1500 words comic, please, yas HAHAHA
  12. sloooooot pls omg such cuteness
  13. Fifi

    Reference Drop (free art)

    Sugoooooi Here are some references for you 1) Description: Baby Blue Coloured eyes, Big circle eyes, Bubbly and loves to chat, Sociable, Happy-go-lucky, Always thinking about carrots 2) Description: Black eyes, Mysterious sniper, Loves to hide and surreptitiously prey on monsters, Very adventurous, Muscular, Strong and Reliable Sniper! 3) Description: Small navy eyes, Looking swaggish, Introverted and shy personality but a very powerful wizard.