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  1. The Starlight Soiree: You're Invited!

    Hi! everyone, check this out. P.s i dont own any of this copy. just here to share *Highest five* <3
  2. Need help on sinx geffenia farmign

    Ohai! I'm a DD sinx farming like yourself. oh believe me, using +(?) mes DDT + ice pick is awesome. Aim succu/incu if possible... oh & dont forget to use "steal" before whacking them around. The mini demon & deviruchi's are not a big deal if you have a really good flee. (Make sure u don't get mob to much, or else tele! "Let it go ~" ) Just Repeat process.. Steal, Kill, then find another. (P.s) Don't forget to bring Awakening Pots & Green Pots (incase you get silence or blind). AND GET Soul linker BUFFS too before entering geffenia!!