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  1. Would it be possible to enable storage for christmas event weapons? Still in the box, of course.
  2. Shadow tag was especially fun for the first few days, but people from other teams using pneuma/healing their opponents Doom Trooper made the whole thing very frustrating at some points. I guess it's fine and part of the fun when competition is balanced, but more often than not you have a team that is much bigger than others and that is enough advantage to win the round in most cases, no need to bother the rival team with half the amount of players. Not sure if there is something that could be done to prevent this since having different houses help each other is common and you obviously can't block skills from being used in a PvM scenario, so this is just an observation. Other than that, the event has been really nice and the new minigames and hunting grounds changes really help! Great use of the possibilities of the new client to make the event more immersive with titles and special effect costumes.
  3. They do work. Try !ws Inteligence3 IIrc the rest of the enchants should follow the same logic: Agility1, Strength3 etc
  4. What bow are you using to calculate DS damage for clown?
  5. The problem there is that auto attack with an instrument will always be within melee range. The 20% damage bonus will only work with long ranged skills like musical strike or arrow vulcan.
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    Sold and closed.
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  8. To upgrade your artemis bow you must have Valhalla access, which you get after completing all four seal quests. After that you are free to pick any of the upgrades available for artemis (list of upgrades and necessary ingredients on the wiki). You can only have 4 active bonus at the same time, though.
  9. A couple of missing items. Name: Dance Shoes [1]Location: footgearAtk: 0Def: 4Required Lvl: 90 Slot: 1 Weight: 30Job: Clown/GypsyDescription: Comfortable shoes designed specifically for dancing. AGI + 1, ASPD + 2%. Reduces SP cost of all skills by 10%. Name: RosevineLocation: weaponAtk: 150Def: 0Required Lvl: 92 Slot: 0 Weight: 100Job: Clown/GypsyDescription: A whip created from a magically enchanted rose that radiates the smell of roses. When dealing physical damage there is a chance to trigger Wink of Charm. All Stats + 2, CRIT + 5, MATK + 10%.
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