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  1. supernoodl

    day and night cycle

    Would be nice, but require a lot of efforts on the GM part, I don't expect this to be implemented.
  2. I think 50 would be a little too much of a boost, we don't want rental items to get too close to high-end cards in term of power(Egnigem Cenia having a 100 regen). However, I do admit that 20 life with 3 SP(3? wtf) is really bad. Maybe 30/30 or 30/20? I do not know of these boots you speak of however, as i never use rental. Do they offer other assets? Increased defense? stat bonuses? This may be the reason why the regeneration increase is so low.
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't saw that, thanks. Are the Fortunes still a possible "drop" from red envelopes, or was that feature removed?
  4. What are red envelopes for? Aren't they supposed to give "Fortunes of something(rat/dog/dragon etc)" when opened? Each time I use them, nothing happen.
  5. I don't see the problem, I love apples! +1 to that.
  6. Is the rabbit on the right looking under the girl's dress? o.O Naughty rabbit... :
  7. when you exchange your essence, whats the % chance to get a ticket?
  8. happy birthday TRo! Well, time to go get sum gold ticket.
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