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  1. supernoodl

    day and night cycle

    Would be nice, but require a lot of efforts on the GM part, I don't expect this to be implemented.
  2. Heard from one of your members u were searching for new guilmate. Old veteran here returning after a while, old guilds are dead, searching for a new active one. Hope you guys are active on US east timeline, would be best for me. Cheers mate.
  3. I think 50 would be a little too much of a boost, we don't want rental items to get too close to high-end cards in term of power(Egnigem Cenia having a 100 regen). However, I do admit that 20 life with 3 SP(3? wtf) is really bad. Maybe 30/30 or 30/20? I do not know of these boots you speak of however, as i never use rental. Do they offer other assets? Increased defense? stat bonuses? This may be the reason why the regeneration increase is so low.
  4. I am fearful of an Artemis nerf. It cost me so much, would be extremely sad to see it get nerfed to oblivion.
  5. Is it possible to remove game accounts? I once created too many(in order to buff up my Taekwon Fighting Chant skill), and, since it doesn't work anymore, I wish to remove the extra ones.
  6. There was already a suggestion about decreasing bullet weight to permit increased carrying. It got lost in the suggestion section without answer.
  7. Why should GS be weaker than non-trans classes? I can understand for trans ones, but Extended classes such as GS deserve to be as powerful as NT(and they kind-of are if you know how to build them). What I wish for this is more of a 'variability in build and equipment' more than just 'be stronger'.
  8. They really won't. Snipers have the highest DPS by far, and are considered to be overall the most OP class. Even with adjustments to GS, they wont come even close to sniper's capabilities. I know, I have multiple characters of both classes, with pretty much the highest end gear they can get, and my GS is struggling to be 50% as strong as my snip. No worries there.
  9. Very well made charts, I'm sure it took you(or whoever made it) a while. I too wish to support your cause. Been playing 'slingers for a while and i love the class. Unfortunately it is very limited in build, with some completely useless skills(tracking being an example). RO is a 20 years old game guys, time to update a little in matter of skill, built and general system.
  10. Actually that's a small concern of mine. I'm currently in search of a new sqi, but if in 4 months, it is nerfed to death, or another, better one, become available, I wont spend hundred of millions of hard earned zeny on it.
  11. That would be awesome. Defeat my foes with the power of diabetes.
  12. This question is more aimed at GMs than the general public. What can we expect in the new episode that is supposed to come up this year about sqi's? I've seen many topics in the Suggestion section about modifying/upgrading/creating sqis. GMs say that there will be changes, but can we have a more concrete list of modification or creation in the sqi department, or is that still being discussed on the GMs part?
  13. Welcome in Koko(I can call you that right?). It's pretty rare to see another frenchie around. If you need any help, hit me up with a PM!
  14. Would it be possible to throw it back to giving the possibility of login with the username. I'm so used to login with it.
  15. supernoodl

    bullet maker

    Would be nice to see a GM decision on this. I know they got lot of stuff to do, but this been in the Suggestions since august.
  16. This has nothing to do with rate change. Changing rates is changing experience/drop ratios. +1 for the suggestion btw.
  17. supernoodl

    bullet maker

    As explained before, hunters/snipers have the ability to create arrows on site with their Arrow Maker ability, gunslingers do not have such a skill. In addition, gunners skills eat trough a lot of bullets way faster than sniper's one(Desperado being just one example).
  18. Which piece do I let rest? And for how long? What temperature do I need to put the oven?
  19. Gewen will still be here long after all of us pass away.
  20. Abbey parties only want HP,HW and snipers.
  21. Remember that this is a PvM server. People here (mostly) aren't really interested in PvP aspect. I don't think any kind of 'revamping' or modification will bring a significant amount of new people to BG. If you don't like fish, but I put on pretty decorations on it to make it more appealing, you still won't like fish. The same apply to BG.
  22. supernoodl

    bullet maker

    No, because snipers got arrow maker. They can make up arrows on the spot with the items dropped.
  23. supernoodl

    bullet maker

    While I would agree to add a bulletmaker skill, creating/modifying skills is part of the no-no suggestions. I understand your situation, as I too like to play gunners and is always bothered by bullets weight. Instead of a new skill, I would suggest to reduce the overall weight of bullets. Like from 0.2 to 0.1 each(and reduce cartridge too). That would save people a lot of time going back to town to 'refuel'.
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