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  1. Hello, i'm accepting all amounts of sqi bonus that you needed. We can discuss the price first. Pm me if you're interested.
  2. Ryoku

    Changing paladin build

    Just remembered something :/ If I replace odin's blessing with mp, I have to change the other equipments too, right? So, is it better to collect some money first, then buy all the expensive +def equipment?
  3. Ryoku

    Inquiry: Devo/GC Crusader Build

    First of all, I think that there's a small difference between "to tank" and "to devo". Well, for the devo build, you can put any equipment which can boost your max Hp (yeah, like to armor or cards which add vit) for gc build, as someone said in other thread, you'll need angeling armor and damage reduction cards, and you can use npc haedonggum if you don't have bazerald or excalibur. (Or better else, use a refined/rented Excalibur.)
  4. Ryoku

    Noob guide for Swordmans to Paladin

    Eh? Isn't the combo didn't affect the property. It's the class/job that affect. When I read the script, it said "if(BaseJob == Job_Crusader) { bonus bDefEle,Ele_Holy; } }], [], []". Well, cmiiw as I'm a newbie too.
  5. Ryoku

    Noob guide for Swordmans to Paladin

    Isn't it cheaper if he used archdam instead of angeling? That's if he intend to equip it on his pally alone.
  6. Ryoku

    New to RO and to TalonRN

    Welcome to talon ro
  7. Ryoku

    Changing paladin build

    oh, right. we can reset in this server. But "if" i sell some of them, and getting another set of tanking items, is it worth it?
  8. Ryoku

    mau tanya

    downloadnya di opendns(dot)com ya bro?
  9. Ryoku

    mau tanya

    nah, gw kan pernah nyoba pake dnscrypt, tapi malah gak bisa jalan sama sekali koneksinya, ada yang salah sama settingannya ya?
  10. Ryoku

    Changing paladin build

    ah, i see. thank you, sir.
  11. Ryoku

    mau tanya

    semua yang pake telkomsel ada masalah itu juga kok bro. kalo gw pake vpn / numpang wifi temen cuman buat loginnya aja. kalo pas main, lancar-lancar aja.
  12. Ryoku

    Changing paladin build

    uhh, anyone?
  13. Ryoku

    Changing paladin build

    Hi guys, as the title said, i'm thinking of changing my pally build from devotion to tanking. I don't know which equipment from my current one should be changed, so i'd like to ask for your opinions. Here are my current equipment : Headgear : Angel student hat Mid headgear : Angel wing ear [DI] Lower headgear : Spiked scarf Armor : +4 Meteor plate (3 Vit) [Tao gunka] Shield : Sacred Mission [Thara] Weapon : Knife [4x Fabre] Shoes : +7 Tidal [DL] Garment : +7 Wool scarf [LoD] Accesories : 2x Necklace [Spore] I'm aiming for changing my armor to another mplate with garm, but i don't know about the others. So, please help me.