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  1. 29 August slot 1 - 3:00pm server time - Valkyrie Herja
  2. Team Aqua - PVM Warfare GM Event August 2019 


  3. Ancient Tower Post Iduna - Evil's Party (Super late post) 


  4. Loki's Trial 3 Bobito's Party Replay (Super late post) 


  5. 1.) A button or a function inside the new talonro panel to click on daily (get 10 to 15 talon cash, imo 15) just like Killburndeluxe's idea. 2.) Share buttons on social media, maybe on a page together with 1.) .. however, these would require linking of respective accounts to the forum account. (iirc, there's a callback link for some social media pages so you can control if the user actually shares it) (1 to 5 talon cash for every button shared) - imo, should be 2 talon cash each link. Max of 5 links (gm's discretion) - total of 10 talon cash - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - VK - weibo/qq - or whichever. should these 2 get implemented, Daily Cash Betty should be decreased down to 25 talon cash (from 40). for a grand total of (based on my suggested points) 50 talon cash per day.
  6. Class: Professor IGN: Natasha~ or Class: Sniper IGN: Natalya Antonova
  7. August 1 4pm server time please!
  8. GMC Boreas with Khrei and Friends 


  9. Payon Manja GMC Lance (late post here)


  10. GMC w/ Khrei and Friends (2 weeks ago late post here)


  11. 15th july 4pm server time please
  12. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCervwxt2Y7Pz9LOiFstpw Twitch: Discord: Bobito#1821 Yes, i'm relatively new to live streaming as i just got my fiber connection. But if you look at my vids on my youtube page i frequently upload TalonRO content... Also multi-streaming with 3 platforms (twitch,youtube, facebook live)
  13. Bobito

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    Geiravor 3rd(final) form has 10m hp i think
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