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  1. Bump, still buying. \o\ Traded in and added some items. Added: Baphomet Hat Costume Black Witch Hat Costume Carrot in Mouth Costume Straight Winter Scarf Green Sunglasses Costume Flower Crown Costume +4 Djinn [Dropsx2 + Injustice]
  2. Have some equipment up for trade or just plain ol' zeny if you want that instead for some artsu. If you feel like something is outside your price range for your art, please contact me anyway - the stuff is negotiable and I don't bite. For example, if you're interested in an item which has a value of 100mil+, if your art style is detailed as heck a single character may be able to cut it. Or if it's on the simpler side, doing couple or group commissions and/or adding backgrounds are acceptable. I'm more than happy to trade all these things for some art - will pay generously! Legit I will bribe you. Just name your price. I may add more things as time goes on or maybe not. Additional info for those who are interested: I'm interested in getting all sorts of art from single character commissions to couple, small groups (3-5 chars) to whole guild art commissions (~15 chars), with or without background, chibi or non-chibi is ok! The characters I want to get the art of are all from Ragnarok Online, but there may be some characters based on renewal classes (like arch bishop or star emperor for example). Headgears Armors Weapons Shields Garments Shoes Accessories Costumes
  3. Slot pls, I'll send references in a bit.
  4. Looking for an artist willing to do a coloured group commission of roughly ~15 characters with a background. Willing to pay VERY well, depending on the style can pay few hundred million or billion+. May also buy from more than one artist. I don't know which artists are still active so thought it would be easier to ask in a post like this. For those interested, please send through a PM or reply below some previews of your work and we can work from there if your style is what I'm looking for.
  5. Yuren

    Yoku's Art Cafe

    Full body multi char slot pls. I'll mail char references in a bit.
  6. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. Yuren

    Itou's Atelier

    Dang. That some nice art.
  8. I know a lot of people, both participants and spectators, who were disappointed in the results of this contest. I think what would be good to take away from this discussion is that the judging/voting of future events similar to the nature of this one could be improved by handling things differently to eliminate any potential bias. My first suggestion for this would be for there to be some way for submissions to be entered anonymously - the person submitting their entry would upload their images on a separate web page, and there would be a field for them to enter in their IGN - this would be hidden from sub/high GMs but visible to admins. This solution of course would be somewhat limited if the event/contest involves revealing the person's face, but for other events like art contests I think it would work nicely. Second suggestion would be for voting to be open to the public as well. I haven't really thought of and fleshed out an idea of how it could be done yet - but all entries could be displayed on a separate thread with voting buttons, with one forum account being limited to one vote for example. Again, IGN would be invisible/not displayed here. Sort of like a double blinded experiment lol. In the end, voting should be open to both GMs and the public, and be balanced somehow - to prevent the event from becoming a popularity contest.
  9. The mvp inside unrestricted dungeon is bugged. The announcement that pops up after it has been killed shows the name and house of the person who landed the last hit, but not the one who dealt the most dps and got the mvp sign. Going by the announcement, they would also receive the 'significant bonus points' from killing the mvp too despite having only contributed the last hit - not sure if intentional.
  10. From what I've seen, icewall is just another part of the competitive element in mvp defense. The reason why Azviar held it so long there in this particular instance was because Bryjar was outnumbered and had poor class composition. The team was composed of mostly champs (that mostly just body reloc for the boxes), hps, some snipes and 1 hw. Moments after these screenshots, more Bryjar members came in who were hw's and also a prof who quickly diffused the situation with sight thrasher and LP spam. From then on, it was pretty evenly matched. I don't think it would be good to block icewall on the map, as there are several ways to counteract it and would otherwise eliminate another tactical option people can take (it's used to block people from the mvp in the open field, not just the corner as depicted here). It's also difficult to lure the mvp into the corner in the first place since it keeps swapping aggro from several dps - again the reason why this happened is cos Azviar's hps reacted quickly and because of the reasons above (outnumbered/composition). Also, I second what Cheron said. It's sad that hps and classes that do all the work to defend and heal the mvp get nothing, compared to people who just run around and hit the boxes without contributing to the actual fight and reaping the rewards all for themselves. By the time we finished the round, one of my friends who's new to the event and hped for the entire hour was like "What?? How come no tickets??".
  11. Maybe implement some sorta warper at each of the major locations that lets you warp to other major locations? Or at least close to the ferryman (top right) or academy (bottom left) where you spawn. It was much better - location wise last year where the spawn point was positioned in the centre of everything with a warper. This year you have to walk a considerable distance every time you warp in.
  12. Sup, Do you need another player for your team tomorrow?

    1. Yuren


      Sorry mate, we're already full party.

  13. 31st October Slot 4 - 6pm server time pls. Party name: Calibre
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