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  1. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. The mvp inside unrestricted dungeon is bugged. The announcement that pops up after it has been killed shows the name and house of the person who landed the last hit, but not the one who dealt the most dps and got the mvp sign. Going by the announcement, they would also receive the 'significant bonus points' from killing the mvp too despite having only contributed the last hit - not sure if intentional.
  3. From what I've seen, icewall is just another part of the competitive element in mvp defense. The reason why Azviar held it so long there in this particular instance was because Bryjar was outnumbered and had poor class composition. The team was composed of mostly champs (that mostly just body reloc for the boxes), hps, some snipes and 1 hw. Moments after these screenshots, more Bryjar members came in who were hw's and also a prof who quickly diffused the situation with sight thrasher and LP spam. From then on, it was pretty evenly matched. I don't think it would be good to block icewall on the map, as there are several ways to counteract it and would otherwise eliminate another tactical option people can take (it's used to block people from the mvp in the open field, not just the corner as depicted here). It's also difficult to lure the mvp into the corner in the first place since it keeps swapping aggro from several dps - again the reason why this happened is cos Azviar's hps reacted quickly and because of the reasons above (outnumbered/composition). Also, I second what Cheron said. It's sad that hps and classes that do all the work to defend and heal the mvp get nothing, compared to people who just run around and hit the boxes without contributing to the actual fight and reaping the rewards all for themselves. By the time we finished the round, one of my friends who's new to the event and hped for the entire hour was like "What?? How come no tickets??".
  4. Maybe implement some sorta warper at each of the major locations that lets you warp to other major locations? Or at least close to the ferryman (top right) or academy (bottom left) where you spawn. It was much better - location wise last year where the spawn point was positioned in the centre of everything with a warper. This year you have to walk a considerable distance every time you warp in.
  5. Sup, Do you need another player for your team tomorrow?

    1. Yuren


      Sorry mate, we're already full party.

  6. 31st October Slot 4 - 6pm server time pls. Party name: Calibre
  7. 132


    1. Yuren


      ( ̄■ ̄;)

  8. All this speed signing up though lol. Would it be possible to change my slot to slot 6 instead?
  9. So simply put "if you don't like the mistakes we make, don't join"? I could easily reverse this and say maybe you shouldn't host anymore events to stop disappointing people. Iirc Lance said he had another way in which he could distribute us the Eden badges but chose not to saying they would give us an alternative when it should have been approved already and made no difference - but the alternative just ended up being less gm boxes less than what was stated on the event announcement. Not to mention prize distribution wasn't the only thing that went wrong with the last event. Overall the event just felt like it was rushed and the GMs that helped weren't briefed properly. The sequence of the "18 nightmares" was uncertain, times were wrong (late start/early finish/delay from not knowing which mvp to summon next). I referred to other party's streams and they had varying times from 18 - 20+ mins while my party was cut short at 15-16 mins. Each party should have been timed individually imho - we weren't given extra time to make up for having to wait for another party's incorrect summoning. And because of such short notice and poor planning, what was supposed to be a 40 minute event ended up being 3-4 hours long in total. Adding different time slots, being short on staff, and what not was because of a "unprecedented" number of parties joining the event but this could have been avoided if the event had been organised earlier so you could account for whatever number of parties applied or limit it at the very least. There were several problems with the last event, and your response to me is "don't join then". Nice reply from a GM.
  10. Are we actually going to receive all the rewards that are promised this time around.
  11. Hi

    I am looking to buy seal service. I have never done it before. Can you tell me price and time when you will do it.


  12. Shiet nvm, I think all numbers are taken at this point lol.
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