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  1. Yuren

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    Was sorta decent yesterday but when I logged in today there was really noticeable delay and spikes so I redid the MTR. Hope it helps. o/
  2. Yuren

    Nightmare's Rift: Tower of Entropy

    All this speed signing up though lol. Would it be possible to change my slot to slot 6 instead?
  3. Yuren

    Nightmare's Rift: Tower of Entropy

    Slot 1 pls under Calibre.
  4. Yuren

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    Yeah it has been really bad for the past few days. Other people are saying it started around a week ago. Usually I have a consistent ping of ~190ms which is playable and doesn't feel like there's any major lag. But now it's filled with constant time outs and there's delay and random spikes every couple of seconds.
  5. Yuren

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Give me all ur slots pls. I’d like to commission.
  6. Yuren

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Damn, that some cute art.
  7. Yuren

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    So simply put "if you don't like the mistakes we make, don't join"? I could easily reverse this and say maybe you shouldn't host anymore events to stop disappointing people. Iirc Lance said he had another way in which he could distribute us the Eden badges but chose not to saying they would give us an alternative when it should have been approved already and made no difference - but the alternative just ended up being less gm boxes less than what was stated on the event announcement. Not to mention prize distribution wasn't the only thing that went wrong with the last event. Overall the event just felt like it was rushed and the GMs that helped weren't briefed properly. The sequence of the "18 nightmares" was uncertain, times were wrong (late start/early finish/delay from not knowing which mvp to summon next). I referred to other party's streams and they had varying times from 18 - 20+ mins while my party was cut short at 15-16 mins. Each party should have been timed individually imho - we weren't given extra time to make up for having to wait for another party's incorrect summoning. And because of such short notice and poor planning, what was supposed to be a 40 minute event ended up being 3-4 hours long in total. Adding different time slots, being short on staff, and what not was because of a "unprecedented" number of parties joining the event but this could have been avoided if the event had been organised earlier so you could account for whatever number of parties applied or limit it at the very least. There were several problems with the last event, and your response to me is "don't join then". Nice reply from a GM.
  8. Yuren

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Are we actually going to receive all the rewards that are promised this time around.
  9. Yuren

    Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Registering as "Calibre".
  10. Yuren

    Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Bump. Now recruiting!
  11. Yuren

    Milu's commish (closed for now)

    Is it too late to shotgun a slot or waitlist? If not, gimme. HEHE.
  12. Mainly for pally there is: Devo pally (the most common, party oriented build, useful from low all the way to high end content - but yeah, requires a party) Def pally (less common, requires really expensive equipment but there are several types of builds - some cheaper than others, expands your role in party play cos you can help mob/tank/speed up runs, people with this normally carry a Tao Gunka armor to double as a devo pally as well, def was nerfed so this build wasn't as OP as it once was) Grand cross vampire pally (mainly for abbey, solo play mostly) I don't play LK but they're limited in that they are generally not accepted into high end parties because they don't fit into the current meta - they are an all rounder class and so they don't shine in any particular area like tanking or DPS. Tanking is normally left to a SB champ and DPS is left to snipers and bios. Not to mention, they don't have any support skills for party play. I hear solo play for LK is great though, it's versatile and can farm alone practically anywhere and you can hit some minor MvPs.
  13. Yuren

    Yuren's stuff [closed]

    So I had a massive art-block for more than 2 years - I wasn't happy with whatever I drew. Sorry for those who joined in the raffle, I couldn't achieve what I was aiming to do. I might draw it in the future or I might not - prolly never holding a raffle again so I apologize for that. But here's some artsu for the last 3 people who claimed a slot. I finished Yuki's ages ago, but Koss' and Nheki's just today so that's why they look slightly different. I'm sorry it took so long. You've probably long forgotten. It's also my first time drawing again in a really long time. :v Idk what I'm doing anymore. @They Call Me Yuki @kossploss@Nheki
  14. Yuren

    ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Pretty artsu. Could I have a slot?