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  1. Eternal02

    Jewelcrafting Success Rate

    Elemental pickaxes allow you to mine elemental items, assuming you used the right type of pickaxe (e.g. fire pickaxe for magma dungeon you can get katar of raging blaze). Also elemental pickaxes have a bit lower mining success rate than a great pickaxe if I remember correctly. So if you want a chance to gain elemental items use an elemental pickaxe, but if you want better chance at mining use the ultimate.
  2. I was wondering when it will come.... Finally it's here! Hope I don't miss it again... Epic vid btw!
  3. Eternal02

    Somewhere Over the Me

    TRO will be in black and white now..../sob
  4. Yet another chapter of the Twelve Judges I can't attend cuz of school.... /sob Good luck to those who'd be there though! /no1
  5. Eternal02

    New website, databases back online!

    YEY! Item and Monster DBs are back!
  6. Eternal02

    Happy New Year TalonRO!

    HAPPINEWNYEAR everyone! :-*
  7. Eternal02

    The Yule Ball - You're Invited!

    didn't make it in time.... :'( sooo sad....
  8. Eternal02

    The Yule Ball - You're Invited!

    Awesome map! Hope to there... :-*
  9. Eternal02

    Server back up, updates!

    Because of the x10 rates, it's time to make a new character... Thanks loads GMs.... :-*
  10. Eternal02

    Part 2: Halloween Forum event

    nomnom... having one right now... ign:ShinN02
  11. Eternal02

    Welcoming -five- new EventGMs

    5 times the fun too! Let's have a great time!
  12. :'( Magnificent....... just magnificent.... makes me wanna cry..... it'd be nice to be able to visit it any time.....