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  1. Stalker-Assassin

    Need A Simple Champ Advice

    Blessing also give you 10str and 10int, that lot of extra damage.
  2. Stalker-Assassin

    Crit Super Novice

    You can use alot of thing while being soul link.
  3. Stalker-Assassin

    Aspersio without using evil druid card? Yes you can!

    I used dark priest in geffenia to do the same trick. But this is even better for people who didn't do the sign quest.
  4. Stalker-Assassin

    Which better for Twin fang DDTT or DTTT

    you can reach 190aspd with one doppelganger if you have valk helm. So I would say one D with valk helm, no valk helm go with DD.
  5. Stalker-Assassin

    My PVP/BG experience so far..

    Yeah that how I see RO as well, farm zeny in PVM so you can gear up for Pvp/woe. Never try Bg, maybe I should give it a go. Never really like the end game MVP type battle (kinda boring to me) Lack of player in Pvp and woe was part of the reason I left a few years ago (just back last month). Now I'm back, I wanna try those end game MVP and maybe Pvp and woe later on after I'm done grinding.
  6. Stalker-Assassin

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    You can try that in calculator first and without int your sbk won't be that great
  7. Stalker-Assassin

    Best items to buy with TC (Talon Coin) for a Creator/Stalker

    Quite a bit of bad information given here. You double check before you buy stuff.
  8. Stalker-Assassin

    Guide ME to be a better GC crusader

    Ok first off your stat You don't need much str, it doesn't help GC damage that much. Reset to int, vit and dex in that order ( 75, 50, 40). Int will boost your damage and heal. As for gear you should sell your 2 handspear and get 1 hand sword and a shield. You get extra defence and access to your shield guard skill. Get helm from NPC(or halo like it's mention before)and iron chain(20-30k on market or injustice drop it too), upgrade your equipment to +4 with elunium you pick up from zombie for extra defence. Have you been voting, you should have talon coin to trade and buy all these equipments mention.
  9. Stalker-Assassin

    Guide ME to be a better GC crusader

    Help us help you. You need to give us more information - Current lvl and stats -Current gear - Budget - Current lvling spot. Crusader is pretty easy to lvl up with GC, if you don't have any gear at all just buy NPC gear and up it all to +4.
  10. Stalker-Assassin

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    What's is a good alternative weapon for ninja (dex bounes). I used to have +5 dex drake Kris which I sold for 8m(so stupid). Now I wanna make a ninja again, I go ahead and try make Kris again but this time I broke like 5 Kris and 15 attempts. So is there another weapon that give u dex and %mattak? Or the only other option is ashura with drop but that only 3 dex.
  11. Stalker-Assassin

    Turtle General?? or Baphomet??

    I think it's down to preference, like do you like to mob or 1v1. But I think 100 hit from phreeoni is too much you only don't need that much for most monster. Maybe get that queen ant card thing which give u additional damage(but prob won't work with baph card).
  12. Stalker-Assassin

    Gears agains stun

    Since you said your damage is good, maybe drop some int for vit is probably the best option other than orc hero.
  13. Stalker-Assassin

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    If you have IC Using water ball is actually slower than spear of ice and fire pedal. Using fire formation to control the mob and spam them to death.
  14. Stalker-Assassin

    Mindbreaker (self)

    Yeah, I was thinking about this method too but the spell last like 30s. By the time you got out from duel map, it's pretty much over. Thought there might be an easier way, like auto cast card or something
  15. Stalker-Assassin

    Mindbreaker (self)

    I was playing around in calculator and found a tick box for Mindbreaker (self) tick box under misc effects. I know mindbreaker is professor skill in which increase magic attack while decrease defence (like provoke for physical attack). My question is can you self cast mindbreaker or is that a special way to do it?