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  1. farming sleepers -- sinX

    OMG didnt you read my reply? it is basically the gear you have just switch the fire dama for Naght twin blade (fire version) with 3 Incarnation Samurai card here a link so you wont need to ask again https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbhbLacbba1aYabucbapdhehehehaagqaaaaaaaaahkaawifZwEtlaatoaalIaavsaavsaaeaaaaikkffkfabaeqkaaacMaaaaHaaaaa
  2. farming sleepers -- sinX

    You're quoting the gear to 1 MA sleeper without endow and you are asking for it. I dont understand.
  3. Counter kick only taekwon

  4. Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    You can level in glast helm prison till 80 or even 90
  5. What's next ?

    Here are the basic gear you should aim for Kaho horn Gec shoe (you already have) Celeb ring
  6. Where to farm as High Priest?

    If you have full ME set, you can farm these Thor vol 2 for thorn shield Odin 2 for earring
  7. LF> People's advice: What to get next

    That's a very interesting alternative to Kaho and Valk helm. i would argue that Kaho and Valk helmis better because of the extra stats (specially valk helm) and also Sharp Shooting is very lame since the Bragi nerf.
  8. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Read the guide. It's a buff you get from soul linker
  9. Are there times when I will use just auto attack with stalker?

    i dont remember the exact formula but it's not 169 x 1.03 like that.
  10. Are there times when I will use just auto attack with stalker?

    Are you sure? I dont think 3% aspd give you that much.
  11. Are there times when I will use just auto attack with stalker?

    6 agi is better than 3 agi with 3aspd even for auto attack build. I sometimes use my auto stalker to farm in geffenia too. Copy asperio and youre good to go.
  12. Help geffenia

    I used similar gear without sleip I only make about 4m per hour. Maybe you just need more practice. You prob not doing anything wrong just a bit slow. Geffenia is luck + amount of people + practice.
  13. Super Novice SQI

    This should be in suggestion area, and unless all other classes get a second sqi ( prob never gonna happen) . This will never happen
  14. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Thats very good
  15. And the lucky number is... [Week 3]

    9 IGN:-Stone-