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  1. Hi that is the price for one man SG leech, but since we do a 2 man leech, it's priced at 8m/hr (with exp shoes, stat food, and miracle on). Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, so that you won't be confused with our pricing, That is the price for one man SG leech, but since we do a 2 man leech, it's priced at 8m/hr (with exp shoes, stat food, and miracle on). Thanks
  3. This will be a 2 man leech, 1 High Priest (Mobbing) , and 1 Star Gladiator (Killing) In game Characters: Shujaat Death*Greed Scott Lang feel free to pm us, each leech will have TLC (Tender Loving Care) Why Dimensional Gorge Leech There is one simple answer: Fast Job Level, and Fast Base exp While DG leech is perfectly capable of competing with any other leech for base experience (with only a slight disadvantage to Odin leech), no other leech can beat DG leech in terms of job experience. DG leech provides you with a whopping amount of job exp equal to around 1.75x the amount of base exp you'll get, where every other leeching spot gives more base than job exp. With similar base exp rates you will earn job exp about twice as fast in DG than anywhere else. Considering you'll need very little job exp (if any at all) when you are a Non Trans level 80+ character, DG leech has a better efficiency on Transcendent characters. This might also mean that you can find a cheaper alternative (Odin Temple which only gives base exp for instance) when you are trying to level your NT character. Having said that, everybody is welcome! How To Check How Many Exp You Need: https://irowiki.org/classic/Base_EXP_Chart Experience Rates and Prices The price of the leech depends on whether you opt to use the First Aid skill during the leech or not (preferably every 3-5 seconds, but feel free to take breaks and stuff). The reason is explained at the 'Why First Aid' section. When buying hourly it's up to you whether you use first aid or not. 1) Quest materials are included. 2) Job experience is around 1.75x as much as the base experience gained. 3) You will only pay for the exp gained with the exp shoes that I provide. Further exp increasing gear you use is for your benefit only. Experience based: With First Aid: Exp rate: around 290m base experience per hour. Price: 2.25m for every 100m base experience Without First Aid: Exp rate: around 250m base experience per hour Price: 2.6m zeny for every 100m base experience Note: Price is increased with 2 man leeching, the prices displayed above are for 1 man leeching. Thanks Time based: 6.5m zeny per hour (1 man leech) 8 m zeny per hour (2 man leech) 300m+ exp Please note that if you buy time based and something happens that makes the experience gained lower than expected, I will continue until everybody is happy The way I keep track of the experience gained over/and time is by using the !expcount start/show/stop/clear command, which gives me the following information (note that EXP / HOUR is base experience). Then I just add 10% to my total experience gained to calculate your experience (to account for the experience shoes). Note that these values are very accurate since your leecher will hardly ever die due to ice walling the safety spot. If you want to check how much experience you need to reach a certain level, I encourage you to look at the experience tables in SN Elaiza's topic which helped me out when starting (thanks!). Or you can ask me what it will cost to get to a certain level and I will gladly calculate it for you. Setting up the leech Once we agree on a deal, I will invite you to my party and then it's time to make the payment. In turn you will get the experience shoes (please don't forget to put these on), and the materials needed for the DG entrance quest (this will only take around 2 minutes) https://wiki.talonro.com/Dimensional_Gorge_Entrance_Quest This quest also shows you how to get inside DG. I'm insisting on payment up front since I'm not only trading the exp shoes (which are worth about 7m), but also would have to do the entire leech before getting paid. If you are not too comfortable with this you can always start with buying a smaller exp package. After the quest is done, I will be waiting for you at the safe spot in Dimensional Gorge at the top left corner of the map. You will (most likely) need to bring like 50 fly wings or have access to the teleport skill to get there. It doesn't matter if you die as long as you are close to the top left corner of the map. I will come to resurrect you and escort you to the safe spot. Only once you are safely within the safe spot and everything is ready, I will start the !expcount. Don't be afraid to make any mistakes or forget something. I won't bite. Why First Aid There seems to be some confusion about the effects of first aid. Some people think that it's needed to cast first aid (or any other skill for that matter) at least once every 5 minutes, otherwise you will gain less and less experience (exp decay). This is not true (I think this was the case a long time ago, but I wasn't playing back then). The only exp decay in the game is related to homunculus. Using First Aid (or any other skill for that matter, the First Aid skill just requires the lowest amount of SP) is only useful when there is a Taekwon class in the party, because of the skill "Fighting Chant". This skill grants an ATK bonus of 10% (the actual value is more around 20% for the first extra party member) for every active party member. Using First Aid makes your character active for 5 seconds. This effect also fades if the Taekwon player teleports within those 5 seconds. For this reason it would be 'optimal' to use First Aid at least once every 3-5 seconds. This ~20% ATK bonus doesn't only increase the speed of killing but also greatly improves the Star Gladiator's survivability because of the way the Angel Incarnation of Morroc monster (which is the biggest threat in DG by far) works. Miracle Miracle is a sort of hidden skill of the Star Gladiator that will activate and allow the use of all it's sun/moon and star skills on every monster on the current map. This pretty much means that every monster will give 100% extra experience and that your damage gets a big increase. This skill makes the Star Gladiator the best leecher at certain places. As far as I know the skill has a chance of activating at a certain very low % at every attack you do (heat included), and once activated it last for an hour which will be refreshed for every time it triggers again. Miracle will only run out if the skill doesn't reactivate during the hour (or if you leave the map). Although very unlikely, it sometimes happens that the Miracle skill runs out without reactivating. If this happens the exp gain will decrease dramatically until the skill is activated again which is based on chance. This might take 5 minutes, but can also take 30 minutes. In my experience it takes around 10 minutes on average to get the skill activated again. In the unfortunate event of miracle wearing off, you won't be charged for that time until miracle reactivates, and be compensated if necessary. Please understand that this can happen due to plain bad luck. How to further increase experience gained I will provide you with shoes[ancient worm] that give you 10% extra experience. There are also a couple of exp gears that you can get yourself to further increase your exp gain including: References: Inotia Thanks Love Lots ❤️
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