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    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    First: The name of the Treasure Poring: Junkring The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Gray with a Flu Mask and a Banana Hat The drops of the Treasure Poring : Tropical Banana ID #634 100% Well-Dried Bone ID #628 100% 200 Grape Juice Box ID #20234 100% 50 Strawberry Box ID #20976 100% 50 Blue Gemstone Box ID #20979 50% Apple of Archer ID #2285 50% Old Card Album ID #616 10% Ancient Card Album ID #20590 3% Story: This poring lives in a dumpster because he liked to collect the items that others throw and put them in boxes, sometimes he is surprised by the things that can come to despise by people, but as the saying goes: the garbage of someone is the treasure of other. Second: The name of the Treasure Poring: Jewelring The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Normal poring with a Jewel Crown The drops of the Treasure Poring: 1carat Diamond ID #730 100% 2carat Diamond ID #731 100% 3carat Diamond ID #732 100% Amethyst ID #719 100% Aquamarine ID #720 100% Pearl ID #722 100% Opal ID #727 100% Jewelry Box ID #12106 3% Brooch ID #2605 3% Earring ID #2602 3% Glove ID #2604 3% Rosary [1] ID #2626 3% Ring [1] ID #2621 3% Necklace [1] ID #2623 3% Story: The day that the Gods created the gems located in the bottom of Midgard, they created mistakenly a small creature that is rumored to be the carrier of the most beautiful gems, but he only decides to deliver his most precious collections to that warrior able to take care of them. IGN: Arbalest Elite