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  1. Nagara

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Assassin Cross actually wears scarf by default
  2. Nagara

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Thanks, I liked it a lot
  3. Nagara

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @Orchestra Here you go. Too lazy to actually finish the drawing. I haven't really drawn for ages. Might finish this in the future but not atm. Edit: Didn't really look at the reference
  4. Nagara

    Draw The Character Above You!

    I'll draw this then? Meanwhile, someone else can draw mine instead.
  5. Nagara

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    @Scotky Tro Yeah I treat it as an image hosting site Not really active there anyway. What is yours?
  6. Nagara

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    @Infernatil Done. @Scotky Tro Nahhhhh, my gamer soul is lost, forever, and ever... maybe. Not even the lastest Fire Emblem game could help #blameRL Trying to get back my drawing hobby atm, to save this Wacom tablet from dust collecting fate, but it isn't easy as it seems. D:<
  7. Nagara

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    o/ That's what i'm here for! Gonna finish the leftovers i've left behind, so i can move on to next life in peace. #thiszombieisgoingtoreincarnate Anyway i hope this won't take another year to finish because of my laziness...
  8. Nagara

    Finishing Unfinished Business [5/9][Closed]

    #100th post. @jessu Done. @Infernatil I lost the references for your character, send me another one. Before it's too late, you guys can request for a new commission instead. Also, I don't really follow the references so please don't put too much details on it. Anyway, turtle speed is confirmed.
  9. Nagara

    Q: Solo MVP is real?

    Please tell us your class. LK or Pally? But since you mentioned spear then it's most likely LK. Common builds for MvP LK are Hybrid and SVD. SVD as in Str/Vit/Dex, high survivability while Hydrid has bit lower Vit/Dex and more agi for aspd - more dps. I know a LK that is able to solo till 80th floor in ET ( Triple cliented HP and Bio for buffs tho ) So fighting low to mid tier MVPs alone is possible. Different MVPs have different skills. You don't simply stick to 1 set of gears but multiple of them ( Mainly elementals armors and some status resist gears ) As for 1h spear, Nibel SQI is the best one. Or you can use Long Horn + Valk Shield combo for self Assumptio. Get GTB shield to swap when needed. Nibel aside, 2H swords provide more dps and Parrying is good defensive skill. However, it's not recommended to use it against MVPs that is able to 1shot you with burst damage skill. Survivability is top priority, you might want to swap Celeb Ring to Hell Poodle accessories. You can use something like Ranked CYP or CWP to heal instead, but they are expensive. Gangster Scarf to PCB aswell, 5 Def is denifitely better than 5 Atk.
  10. Nagara

    CHAMP SB Switchs

    Valk Mant helps with SW. DMant is used to survive burst neutral dmg ( Spiral Pierce ) Deviling all of the way, don't need a LoD. SS GTB to combine with Holy / Shadow armor. Forget meats and poodles, use ranked CWP and Dex accessories instead. Aim for 150 dex without bless. Get both Sleip GEC and DL imo, Eddga can stay in any shoes.
  11. Nagara

    About SB champs and kyrie

    I dont really see the need for KE unless i need to move but don't have Eddga and being hit locked by a mob. For Seal i only use use SB champ for Pron and Yuno. Assump all the way, doesn't need KE. KE only has block the dmg that equal to 30% hp of buffed target, most champs have arround 20-25k hp w/o TGK. That's arround 7-8k extra hp. Without Assump a single burst dmg skill like LK spiral will kill you instantly. Those who ask for KE most likely don't have pots or ran out of them or using expensive stuff like CWP. Myself have no problem tanking with Meat + 2x Poodles + Assump. HP has more important job to do than spamming KE on champ.
  12. Nagara

    LK abyss lake Farm

    Yellow Bijou is used to craft immaterial arrow, arround 5k each and they sell pretty fast. Not alot but it's okay amount. The other Bijous don't have much use other than being ingredient to make Artemis Bow, not that easy to sell.
  13. Nagara

    Thor3 Duo Leech

    Mobbing is the key. Lure those Kasa/Sala/Guardian arround the area and finish em all with SG. Don't bother with killing 1 by 1, it's slow. After that, don't walk but tele to other area, rinse and repeat. There is no safe spot at Thor 3 so your leecher must bring alot of fly wings to avoid death.
  14. Nagara

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Got Sedora Egg from Pro Box. Not really like it but better than other crappies from last year. Edit: Chance to get Immortal Heart drop when killing Fish monster. This description above is outdated.
  15. Nagara

    Cheap Sinx build geff

    I think it's abit early for you to do geffenia since you don't have most of the important items yet. Other place such as Sleeper is better for you at the moment, 1.5~2m an hour there is possible. Anyway, read the guide about Geffenia farming here. It got all of the builds for all kind of budget that's not too small. https://wiki.talonro.com/Farming_Spots_-_Geffenia#Assassin_Cross