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  1. ginapi

    Battleground autowarp

    couldnt agree more with that..lassal
  2. hmmm..1 zeny for the kaho that i want..deal! oh ya..what i meant was gimme 5 bucks and i will tell you who's that not-so-great-Ea starhahahaha
  3. (dark and blank.. it was you.. the one who res me in sphinx anubis..after a few days i came back from my hiatus.. it was you.. the one i met the following days..and i said to you, thanks for ress-ing me few days ago.. *the photo having you saying this sentence of great heart~ *wink (and then the withered leaves bid farewell to the branches of the huge tree near the edge of the high cliff, as the wind blows mercilessly....... after that, i still rmb the very spot we sit down and chat, along with adobo the kid you love to bully..yes..it was at the entrance of that very floor.. then i joined that GC guild.. it was you the one who showed me how to play monster race..as im very noob and impatient.. *this photo is when i asked to check out your eq when you show me the rules in monster race~ still remember when you said i should stick with only ONE monster all the time..and yes..poring was yours.. and yes..i still remember you said "Im very poor" xDD it was you again.. who showed a rainbow-long of kindness by lending me your grandcross and leech me(hp and ws) in...yes..sphinx again.. *this is when you leeching me..then suddenly mhicks promised to give you a kaho....er..whatever.. yes..many things happened along the way and we changed guild many times and most of the time i wasnt there with you..yet i tracked you down and scold you for leaving me alone asa i came back..haha (although you've asked Ea Star to inform me bout this)(*5bucks for who's Ea star)...good things bad things happens and i tried to catch up with you but you will definitely say that having you to retell whats going on is gonna make you sad again..then i will be like..cool..since you're alright ftm after that we had our et runs and boss hunting..which halwen the great in charge of taking all the pics =D (i do have some too only a few~ and on and off you will organize runs and events and said this "mushi, do join us..and you will be richly rewarded" xDDDD dang,.i wouldnt forgot this~ and on and off having me dwells quietly in the guild and watching you bullies other guildmates..really fun just by looking at that.. and then the moment you enslaved yourself to mavkas and geff,, you rarely active and chat(slacking to be exact) again... everytime when i heard you mention about how long we have met in ro to the other guildes, i will have the feeling of thanks for making me check out my screenshots..with all the memories.. thanks for inviting me into the guild..your guild.. and thanks for making me feels like home in ro..with all those guildies=D whatever..to be honest, i knew this day will come.. deep from my heart..i wish you all the best and yes..certainly not gonna forcefully pull you back into ro again..as i do hope you do whats best for you.. as you've said "So yea... I'll see you around guys! "..im gonna take this chance to say these words back to you..oh yes~ "whenever you're stressed out..do stop by and hangout with us" "mikunnnnnnnnnnnn <33333"
  4. iosystem, thanks for your attention..it has been quite some time since i deal with my unsolved problems.. so now i think i kinda forgot what kind of problem i faced.. i have done with some designs..and the only problem im sure is..i failed to test out the new designs.. yeah...sounds sweet..haha thanks =D
  5. thanks for replying..i did try out your solutions..but here is my problem: 1.when i put my act and spr file in this name, nothing happens when i try to test mine.. so i figured out it must be my bmp not in the correct name.. so i try to insert bmp once more using actor2 with the "correct name", the name type same as the above, but it turns out an error message like this: 2.is thereany specific location for the extracted tdata.grf to be located at? cause i just simply put it all together with my tools and bmp and others, instead of mixing along with my patcher and client folder.. 3.when extracting the tdata.grf , from the settings button , it gives 2 options, using original or convert to unicode, so for me, before i even found out the existance of this button, my extracted file is in this type of names,(using original option) after i found out, it is in korean names,(convert to unicode option). so i use the rounicode to change to this name.. im lost again..... thanks :-\
  6. finally done with my spr and act, thanks to GM Gemini and Angelique so now i follow this..a comment for this event last year, credit to iSystemUpdate, to test my sprite. but..fails.. somebody call 911! xD
  7. thanks alot but when i tried the adobephotoshop method, here's what i got, oh ya..btw im using graphicsgale.. and how to upload a bmp file over here? /rice oh ya i know where i started to do it wrongly, i straight editing by copying the extracted bmp into a new 50x50x8 file without setting a default palette for it..sad /sob then now i try to open the bmp image by loading the extracted palette "notice top right corner" from the adobe photoshop in hoping that i dont have to do all of these all over again..but.. im tired=(
  8. someboydy call 911! /dum the good is i managed to deal with all the 15 frames, the bad thing is, i couldnt get the correct colour for them, which appears in dull colour and my palettes are..poor /sob and when i insert them into actor, the background doesn't disappear and the head is in negative colour! here it is: thanks!
  9. well, spent quite a number of days working on this. guys enjoy =) /heh need help on embed thingy Thanks for u all de help xD ign: i hate melody *this is my first video* /ok lyrics:
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