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  1. iosystem, thanks for your attention..it has been quite some time since i deal with my unsolved problems.. so now i think i kinda forgot what kind of problem i faced.. i have done with some designs..and the only problem im sure is..i failed to test out the new designs.. yeah...sounds sweet..haha thanks =D
  2. thanks for replying..i did try out your solutions..but here is my problem: 1.when i put my act and spr file in this name, nothing happens when i try to test mine.. so i figured out it must be my bmp not in the correct name.. so i try to insert bmp once more using actor2 with the "correct name", the name type same as the above, but it turns out an error message like this: 2.is thereany specific location for the extracted tdata.grf to be located at? cause i just simply put it all together with my tools and bmp and others, instead of mixing along with my patcher and client folder.. 3.when extracting the tdata.grf , from the settings button , it gives 2 options, using original or convert to unicode, so for me, before i even found out the existance of this button, my extracted file is in this type of names,(using original option) after i found out, it is in korean names,(convert to unicode option). so i use the rounicode to change to this name.. im lost again..... thanks :-\
  3. finally done with my spr and act, thanks to GM Gemini and Angelique so now i follow this..a comment for this event last year, credit to iSystemUpdate, to test my sprite. but..fails.. somebody call 911! xD
  4. thanks alot but when i tried the adobephotoshop method, here's what i got, oh ya..btw im using graphicsgale.. and how to upload a bmp file over here? /rice oh ya i know where i started to do it wrongly, i straight editing by copying the extracted bmp into a new 50x50x8 file without setting a default palette for it..sad /sob then now i try to open the bmp image by loading the extracted palette "notice top right corner" from the adobe photoshop in hoping that i dont have to do all of these all over again..but.. im tired=(
  5. someboydy call 911! /dum the good is i managed to deal with all the 15 frames, the bad thing is, i couldnt get the correct colour for them, which appears in dull colour and my palettes are..poor /sob and when i insert them into actor, the background doesn't disappear and the head is in negative colour! here it is: thanks!
  6. well, spent quite a number of days working on this. guys enjoy =) /heh need help on embed thingy Thanks for u all de help xD ign: i hate melody *this is my first video* /ok lyrics:
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