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  1. Ah right, suppose I could update on here. I'm moving and I'll be without Internet access at the place imma be at. I'll try while I'm in town and while i'm away from the house to check in but we'll see how things go. Another break is forced upon me it seems, let's hope it's not another 6 months before i'm entirely active again; Atleast this time I don't have a crapton of Taekwon points to lose though. It's been fun, I'll see you guys soon.

  2. Oh my.. this does seem interesting. Though.. Most of my food has some spice to it~
  3. Connectivity issues is killin' meeeee...


  4. ...It's weird how the forums is almost like a Social Media thing now. Well whatever. I edited my profile for you people to actually know who I am or.. something >>..

    1. aintnojustice


      This new format is actually better than the last one :) easier to check on friends

    2. Gemini


      easier to stalk...? :D

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