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  1. Just go to Jawaii or Lightalzen when WoE is about to start
  2. Sorry I don't have the gears for SinX All I know is that you have to be anti-stun, low or high vit it's up to you. I think the easiest gears would be 2 Mantis Bradium Rings with BG Armor Set or Valk Armor + Diablos Set if you're using low vit. The Headgears will depend on your build. If you don't BG you could wear Diablos Set + any armor with STR+3 if you're using high vit. For the weapon I'm not sure about it, some people use 2 Daggers, sometimes a Katar, or if you want to be tanky you could just use 1 Dagger. The weapon would be Slotted Ice Pick or Main Gauche with 4 Cards (I forgot the cards combo).
  3. You can look at this guide for inspiration, even though there's no LK guide there because LK is just not suitable for WoE.. Lol But, I recommend you to buy the universal basic gears first, like Shoes, Garment, Shield, and Armor. The difference between each jobs are most likely the Weapon, Accessories, and Headgears. So just buy them later, and get your basics first. For the weapon, maybe you could buy a Combat Knife first before buying a new weapon from winning the Battleground. For the Hat, Feather Beret or even just a Beret is the easiest and cheapest you could get. For the accessories, you could also buy a Swordsman Medal from winning the Battleground, or Bradium Ring/Horn of the Buffalo (don't forget Thorn Shield Combo) with Mantis.
  4. Sorry but we are participating in Trans WoE only right now.
  5. Yes it might be useful, but it's still not as important as having a Paladin, HW, Bio, or Prof in WoE.
  6. A proper guild will have all of their members FCP'd so Meltdown won't do anything. Whitesmith and Lord Knight are not suitable for Vanilla WoE. Who uses Sacrifice for WoE? It's a personal preference, but as I know Proxy is not that cheap, and Diablos Set is better imo.
  7. The meta won't change I believe, because it's a standard for all non-godly Ragnarok WoE.
  8. The gears are quite High-End already, maybe buy more Supplies & +10 Int & Dex Dishes. I don't encourage Vanilla WoE players to get +7 gears or anything higher than +4, because refinements don't do much here. You mean Vanilla? It could get even cheaper than 130m if you only wear Tidal Set and Orlean's Server. What's important is you're being Anti-Stun, and all your gears are slotted with the basic PvP cards, and also how you and your teammates play. .
  9. By sharing these builds & gears Screenshots, I hope more people are interested to join WoE here. These gears are just standard gears, some people might say that these are not the best gears, but I believe these gears are 100% suitable for WoE GvG. These gears are not that expensive compared to those SQIs & other Unrestricted Godly Items. Notes: - Don't have to follow exactly the same as the pictures. - For DD Bio, Elemental Sword can be changed to Combat Knife, Bazerald or even barehanded to make it more affordable. - For DD HW, if you don't do Battleground the Alternative Set is also fine, just don't forget to bring a Deviruchi Pet (doesn't have to be loyal). - For High-Vit Support Classes, Raising STR/AGI/INT after 99 Dex & 97 Vit Anti-Stun is up to you. - Wearing either Horn or Thara Frog Shield is up to you. - Wearing which Garment & Shoes Set is up to you. (Diablos, Naght Variant, Tidal Wool & BG Set preferable) - Don't forget to use Dishes (+5 is fine).
  10. Feel free to look around these gears screenshots.
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