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  1. Bring back mount in academy rather than inside dungeon, cause no mount for pally for instance..
  2. Does anyone tried doing Trick or Treat to kids? has anyone encountered a bug that it doesn't continue after saying a line about a ceritficate?
  3. about the evil hearts.. I think the droprate is pretty low and might be a way to earn a huge point for the house
  4. remove the script where if warp to melodia academy peco got remove. knowing that it is remove because of the town games. so that it won't be a hassle going to melodia academy from prontera.
  5. Make the hats for mvp defense not changeable when changing costume. *but i think its not possible with the client
  6. IGN: Princess Ellie Name: Statsring Preferred Color: a poporing with halo and wings Drops: 6 x Bundle of Food Box (ID #12111) or 1 x Lutie Lady's Pancake (Str_Dish05) - ID: 12045 1 x Mastela Fruit Wine (Int_Dish05) - ID: 12050 1 x Spicy Fried Bao (Vit_Dish05) - ID: 12055 1 x Steamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin (Agi_Dish05) - ID: 12060 1 x Green Salad (Dex_Dish05) - ID: 12065 1 x Fried Scorpion Tails (Luk_Dish05) - ID: 12070 Story: One day in a far away land a flying poporing saw an adventure who is struggling to fight with a wild rose, being the kind poporing it is, it gave the adventure some food, at first the adventurer was hesitating to accept the food thinking it might be poisonous and tricking him, but after statring showed a lonely face, the adventurer take it and was happy that he feel refreshed and took another chance on killing the wild rose. after successfully killing the wild rose the adventurer name the flying poporing a "Statsring".
  7. Awww I join this event... wonder who can I go with.
  8. 1st to comment~ Excited to party with everyone~
  9. (Left to Right) (Item No. - Item Name) 20436 - Very Cute Doll Hat Costume 20446 - Green Egg Shell Costume 20467 - Pretty Rabbit Hood Costume 20445 - Rabbit Ear Egg Shell Costume 20451 - Wing Headphone Costume
  10. I can't attend Yule Ball , why do i have to work that day.
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