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  1. Frozen boy answers

    Csar Aleksay the Third
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    25 ign: Mage Ellie
  3. Festival of Witches | Competition Winners

    the mvp defense is "The top-three (3) MVP Defense Treasure Chest breakers "?? right just clarifying
  4. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    25 IGN : Mage Ellie Repeat incase >__< my post is disregarded..
  5. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    25 IGN : Mage Ellie
  6. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    @GM Zelda my bad i didn't see that only one challenge is allowed under gm chanllenges.
  7. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    did i read the rules by mistake? one entry? then one challenge which is it??
  8. Bundle Minutes

    Can the Bonus bundle remaining time for the last hour become minutes? ex. The Bonus Bundle will expire in 0 hours. The Bonus Bundle will expire in 15mins.
  9. Tam Tam's Tiki Bar | Prize Giveaway

    from the topic itself click the link.
  10. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Full List of Prizes Basic Box Advance Box Beach Manteau[1] Beach Sandals Bell Pigeon Costume Blue Cherry Blossoms Costume Cloth Palette Pack Drooping Lif Costume Face Crusher Costume Fashionable Glasses Costume Galapago Cap Costume Galapago Egg Hanging Lunatic Ears Costume Happy Parrot Costume Jejeling Egg Old Card Album Old Orange Box Old Purple Box Pandaring Egg Penguin Cap Costume Pretty Bear Costume Rune Cloth Circlet Costume Sombrero Costume Summer Event Suit Sunglasses Costume Sunglasses Cap Costume Tail Hat Costume Toucan Egg Twin Margaret Costume Vacation Hat Costume Whistle Costume Angel Marcher Hat Costume Angry Penguin Egg Beach Towel Blue Rear Ribbon Celestial Circle Costume Flame Muffler Costume Flying Galapago Costume Hair Palette Pack Happy Summer Ribbon Costume Jeje Cap Costume Magnificent Pirate Hat Costume Mermaid Egg Pouring Egg Protection Feathers Costume Sedora Egg Seraph Wing Helm Costume Seraphim Coronet Costume Survival Orb Costume Valhalla Idol Costume Waltz Of Flowers Costume (Account Bound) White Rose Princess Costume Wild Rider Egg Total of 51 Based on https://share.talonro.com/Events/Summer2017/#summer 48 UNIQUE PRIZES It means 3 of the above listed is not included OR some of the item listed is not include and still lacking
  11. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    sorry guys my bad about survival circlet costume, i misuderstand my friend when she said she got from box >__<
  12. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    new box still has the old ones got happy summer ribbon T___T on my first
  13. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Normal Box Toucan Egg Rune Cloth Circlet Costume Tail Hat Costume Pro Box Angry Penguin Angel Marcher Hat Costume *not wearable by monk* Flame Muffler Costume Valhalla Idol Costume Beach Towel [1]
  14. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    pro box? O__O
  15. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    It's from Normal box