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  1. How to make someone's day more special? Hmmmm... /fsh

  2. Noted: basic box beach ball Melon cap I'll update it later. Thanks @Inverxion@Valeyard
  3. @Jelopithanks for informing me let me know if the image i posted for the pet is correct too.
  4. sorry i thought i already put in on the list i'll update it later need to search for id first though hehe.
  5. i've check the info @Ashadia and @Liecagave lyanne port malaya east erica same map as liam updated the wiki for the npc image.
  6. HP: Princess Ellie Prof: PhD Ellie
  7. Hmmm are there still available slot?
  8. I love to see more of your artworks. Cuteness overload~
  9. Maybe? Maybe not? @sto0g3sz
  10. wow im speechless.. @Ghasparpinoy yan~ pinoy mag-isip.. Just kidding~
  11. makes me wonder if woe castle would have a seasonal look in the future.
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