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  1. kutsuru

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Hi lil' Bro, You probably messed up with the SQI Bonus You can easily fix it by resetting the SQI Bonus to None or the one you would like to have.
  2. kutsuru

    Sinx Transformer :)

    Hi lil' bro, With your current build you could play a little with Berserk Pitcher in order to keep the OA, and use the Jaguar Hat for the STR buff, and the Diablos Ring[Osiris] as swap for AGI Lv 5 as mentioned above Calc with OA in main hand Next could be to either replace as mentioned above the QS for an Incantation, or just put the OA as second hand and go for a +7-10 Mes[DIncInc] to increase your damage. Then maybe later once you have your Evangelist you will be able to think about getting the vamp MG ^^ Have fun
  3. kutsuru

    SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    Without Gospel and Lex Aeterna ? I'm curious to see this build
  4. kutsuru

    Bi-Monthly TalonRO Comic Event!

    Hello everyone, Finally I can participate to an event , it was quite harsh to take out the tablet from the cellar and learn again how to use it but after a few days after work here is the result: I hope you will enjoy it. Bisous, Kutsu -- IG Kutsuru