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  1. kutsuru

    Need advice for my gear ninja PvP vanilla

    Going for FS and Throwing is kind of funny, Instead of Stalactic Golem card go for Archangeling, Instead of Tidung as Douche said go for Odin's Blessing with Succubus card, you can keep a Marc card under the hood in case of SG HW Stay with the combo Odin's Blessing + Vali + Vidar, waiting for the BG set, on which you will put a Green Ferus. As accessory you can go for Necklace[Spore] which you will replace later on with Medal of Honor. DEX will only help you to cast faster Soul skill
  2. kutsuru

    Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    Hi@Cueio, Instead of I got, lookout - tree Thanks for the guide btw, great job and quite accurate !
  3. kutsuru

    SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    Without Gospel and Lex Aeterna ? I'm curious to see this build
  4. kutsuru

    Bi-Monthly TalonRO Comic Event!

    Hello everyone, Finally I can participate to an event , it was quite harsh to take out the tablet from the cellar and learn again how to use it but after a few days after work here is the result: I hope you will enjoy it. Bisous, Kutsu -- IG Kutsuru