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  1. Looks like it was fixed by installing latest nvidia drivers
  2. I got a fresh Windows 10 install and can reproduce it so it's probably a missing package or updated driver ? And after the freeze I get
  3. Same issue, and it does not seem to be related to antivirus, the only by-pass I have is to patch on an old netbook and copy it to my laptop. Then launch the game without patching.
  4. Oh really, I was not aware of this step, I may have done it unconsciously, thanks I will update it
  5. Hi everyone, Small guide for the Emure Mansion quest: You will be able to initiate the quest by talking to Sydo: He tells you to find the brewery (classroom 107), which can be found in the east side of the Academy (reachable through the Academy Museum pathway, as well accessible from the North warp of Melodia town) Once in the brewery, head toward the back of the class where you will be able to find some fingerprints, once the first hint found, head back to Sydo He will now request you to bring 1x Counteragent and 1x Mixture : Counteragent & Mixture Quest Sydo will ask you to once again go to the brewery room in order to find more hints, next to the first hint, you will find the second hint which is a direct entrance to the sewer. At this point of the quest you need to speak with ALL NPC/Interactive spots in the Academy Brewery (tables, boards, people). Otherwise you won't be able to go further. Head back for a last time to Sydo, and he will suggest (strongly ?) to meet the headmaster, for that go outside the mansion and talk to the Pegasus status while standing on the purple area You will see the 4 mansions' leaders, just join the discussion, you will then complete the quest while talking for a last time to Sydo in Emure mansion, you will get 25 points for your house as well as this headgear costume Tips: Every time having on you Lucky Candy can be useful to avoid walking back and forth within the academy
  6. kutsuru

    Octopus Instance

    Isn't it better to just put a warp instead ? Like in the non-event Octopus Cave ?
  7. kutsuru


    Yep that's why I explained for him, we discussed on discord
  8. kutsuru


    Pointing out your issue is easier than asking for a revert. Current feeling, the way storage are grouped is less practical than previous way, where we had directly the Guild storage option in first Kafra dialog, now we need to go to Storage, then choose guild storage, it adds one more step, and a potential misclick on the character storage, leading to a frustration.
  9. class: Pally or High Wizard IGN : JunSoo or Kutsuru
  10. A DD bio can also go bare handed no real need for a weapon
  11. kutsuru

    Byorgue card

    Could be fun to have such card indeed, I would take out more often my Ninja ^^
  12. Hi lil' Bro, You probably messed up with the SQI Bonus You can easily fix it by resetting the SQI Bonus to None or the one you would like to have.
  13. kutsuru

    Sinx Transformer :)

    Hi lil' bro, With your current build you could play a little with Berserk Pitcher in order to keep the OA, and use the Jaguar Hat for the STR buff, and the Diablos Ring[Osiris] as swap for AGI Lv 5 as mentioned above Calc with OA in main hand Next could be to either replace as mentioned above the QS for an Incantation, or just put the OA as second hand and go for a +7-10 Mes[DIncInc] to increase your damage. Then maybe later once you have your Evangelist you will be able to think about getting the vamp MG ^^ Have fun
  14. Going for FS and Throwing is kind of funny, Instead of Stalactic Golem card go for Archangeling, Instead of Tidung as Douche said go for Odin's Blessing with Succubus card, you can keep a Marc card under the hood in case of SG HW Stay with the combo Odin's Blessing + Vali + Vidar, waiting for the BG set, on which you will put a Green Ferus. As accessory you can go for Necklace[Spore] which you will replace later on with Medal of Honor. DEX will only help you to cast faster Soul skill
  15. Hi@Cueio, Instead of I got, lookout - tree Thanks for the guide btw, great job and quite accurate !
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