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  1. Niflheim Revisited ): Taken by Pyong =]
  2. Might be Furry region should be occupied by 1 GM Nabi. *-*? oh what ):
  3. What exactly are the changes or "fixes" to Asura?
  4. Unibroue, Spoetzl, Erdinger, Lindemans, Einbecker, Santa-Cruz, Schell Drink them all for me buddy! Hope you have a good time~
  5. We have good drops. Not at 100% though. xP
  6. I was never in IRC before I was hired.
  7. That is not necessarily true. Thats "not the part that counts." Every candidate chosen by GMs was given the opportunity to prove themselves through the means of an interview. Apparently, some people proved more useful than others during the interview/stronger interview. However, I can not be stating this from fact, since I was not given the privilege to be present at the interviews, but as a former GM, I know how they work. We are, in our own way, professional. Sidenote: Apple in Japanese is "ringo."
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